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Business Freebies

In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at business-related freebies on the Web. These range from free services aimed at businesses to online storefronts to services that help you manage your business.

Vstore Ecommerce Solution

Looking to do business on the Web? This free service lets you easily set up and manage your own custom online storefront, including such features as your own subdomain and shopping cart. Vstore will also host your storefront, for free.


At this site, you can easily set up your own online storefront for free. 1FreeCart.com offers hosting and a robust shopping cart system with lots of features, including PayPal IPN e-commerce integration, a secured shopping environment, and integration with Google Analytics.

QR Loyalty Cards

Looking to build your business? Here, you can create "QR Loyalty Cards," which are a modern take on the traditional "punch card" system. With QR Loyalty Cards, you can reward your customers for activities designed to increase your profit, including returning regularly to your business, referring friends, sharing your business specials and events on Facebook, and more.

My Shop Signs

This site offers an original collection of free printable sale signs for retailers. The signs here are in PDF format that you can download and output on your printer. Signs are available for a variety of types of sales promotions.

Free invoice generator

This handy free online service lets you create custom professional-looking invoices that you can export as PDF files. This Web application is well designed and easy to use.


This popular free software site offers over 800,000 listings, with each program reviewed and rated. Around 40 percent of the programs here are freeware. Categories include audio & MP3 software, desktop enhancements, games, mobile & PDA software, multimedia, software development, utilities, Web authoring and more.

Free Press Release

Looking to promote your business? This is a popular free press release distribution service. The site also includes tips and advice about how you can write an effective press release.


Got a Web design project that you need done? This free service lets you post details of your Web project and receive bids from free-lancers from around the world who specialize in site design, Flash, graphics, etc.

Free Online Business Courses

Looking to improve your business skills? At this site, scroll down the page and you'll find a good roundup of over 150 free business courses, many from top universities. Topics include accounting, business school podcasts, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing and startups.


This site specializes in offering free Web sites for restaurants, bistros and other eateries. Using the site tool here, you can easily create and update your own custom Web site. You'll also find a selection of professionally designed restaurant templates and there's a tool to help you create a custom logo, as well as other features. Free hosting is included.

The IM4Newbies Forum

Looking to do business on the Web? This lively free forum covers all aspects of marketing on the Net. Topics in this family-friendly, moderated forum range from advertising techniques to online business management. IM4Newbies also offers free ads for members.

Shipping Sidekick

This free service lets you easily compare rate quotes from different package shipping companies. You can also track your packages here. It's a useful service for eBay sellers and small businesses.


Looking for a new business card? This site offers a nice selection of free business card templates that you can output on your printer. Most of the templates here have fully editable text.


This site offers loads of helpful free advice on how you can earn money with your Web site. Here, you'll find information on creating a site, promoting it, optimizing your site's content, and earning revenue.


This free service lets you easily set up a live customer support chat system on your Web site. LiveHelpEngine.com also offers a free real-time visitor tracking service that lets you keep tabs on how visitors are using your site.


This site offers a directory of over 300 trade magazine subscription offers that are "free to professionals who qualify." Note: many of the offers have international availability, but most are U.S. only.


Looking to make money on the Web? This site reviews and rates various programs that can earn revenue for you, including ad networks, affiliate programs, home business opportunities and more. Revenue programs are available here for Webmasters, as well as a general audience.


An excellent free Web-based service that offers Microsoft Office-like functions, including a Microsoft Word-compatible word processor, a spreadsheet tool and Zoho Show, a program that offers PowerPoint-like features.

Free tax filing

U.S. taxpayers who are eligible can get free online tax preparation and electronic filing via The Free File Alliance, a public-private partnership. Eligibility is determined by several factors, including your age, income, state of residence, etc.

Free white paper downloads

At this site, you'll find hundreds of free business, computer, engineering and trade white papers, downloads and podcasts that are "free to professionals who qualify." Topics include management, marketing, operations, sales, and technology. Note: many of the offers have international availability, but most are U.S. only.