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Free Fonts

In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at the fantastic variety of free font resources on the Web. These range from traditional designs to the artsy and far-out. Few things can make your computer and your graphics designs come alive more than using a variety of fonts. Click here for info on how to download and install fonts on your computer.


Are you looking for free fonts? This popular site offers loads of fonts, dingbats and font tools for both Windows and Mac. The site is well-organized, so it's easy to find what you want. You'll also find a good selection of original typefaces and font families, organized by category. Be sure to read the different font licenses, as not all fonts are free for commercial usage.


Here, you'll find a big searchable archive of over 20,000 free TrueType fonts for both Windows and Mac. Each font listing includes customizable previews and full character maps.

Font Search Engine

Looking for a specific font? This useful site offers over 10,000 free fonts and features a search engine, so you can quickly find what you need. Font Search Engine also includes a database of free font archives, font utilities and a roundup of free font designers.

Urban Fonts

This site offers a good, searchable roundup of free fonts and dingbats for PC and Mac. Here, you'll find over 8,000 fonts, sorted alphabetically. The site also includes a helpful FAQ to answer your font-related questions.


This is a good site if you're looking for free fonts for Windows and Mac. FreeFontsPro.com offers over 13,000 free fonts for download in over 50 categories. The site has a search engine, as well as a "favorites list" feature. If you are a font designer, you can share your fonts here, as well.


Tilman Schalmey's fast-growing resource serves up nearly 1,000 high-quality free fonts, arranged by category, by designer and alphabetically. Fontasy.de offers a solid selection of fonts that we haven't seen elsewhere. Live previews are available for the newest and most popular fonts. (This site is available in English, German and French versions).

Eagle Fonts

This searchable site offers over 20,000 free fonts for 115 languages, available in TrueType format for Windows and Mac. You can preview fonts here by typing your own text. The site's handy "Download Box" lets you easily organize your font downloads.

Font Garden

This regularly-updated site offers a good collection of free "handwriting style" fonts, as well as other eye-catching designs. Here, you'll find fonts and dingbats for both Windows and Mac.

High Fonts

A well-designed free fonts site that offers over 3,000 selections. Fonts are organized alphabetically and you may preview each selection before downloading it. The site also offers a roundup of programs that let you create your own fonts.

007Fonts & Logos

Here, you'll find a solid, alphabetized roundup of several hundred fonts. Not all of the fonts here are free (some are shareware, but they're clearly marked as such). There's a nifty free instant logo generator here that lets you create custom images, using any font.


This German portal offers a roundup of Web resources where you can get freeware fonts, as well as font utilities, editors, tools, and more.


A well-designed site that offers thousands of free fonts for download. FreewareFonts.com sorts fonts alphabetically and includes a search engine, so you can quickly find what you need. The site includes a helpful, informative FAQ. New fonts are added here daily.


This site offers a good roundup of free fonts, sorted alphabetically. There are also categories here that include fonts in various styles, including 3D, alien, computer, decorative, futuristic, handwriting, horror, retro, and more.

Blue Vinyl Free Fonts

This elegantly designed, well-organized free fonts site manages to do everything right. There's a broad selection of TrueType fonts, listed by category and you can preview each font before downloading a fast-loading ZIP version. Blue Vinyl also offers a helpful mailing list to keep you on top of what's happening in the world of fonts. Categories here include Deco Cafe, Rock Star, Gothic, Modular 2000, Cyber Phonic, Grrlz Stuff, Retrobats, etc.

Fonts For Flash

This site offers a small selection of free, original pixel fonts, suitable for use in Macromedia Flash. To access the free fonts, click the "Freebies" link on the left side of the page.


This nifty freeware utility makes it easy to work with fonts on your computer. FontLoader offers a shell context menu extension that lets you load and install fonts by right-clicking on a font file or a folder containing fonts. Note: FontLoader does not support PostScript fonts, it works with TrueType fonts only. (For Windows).

Divide By Zero

A welcome addition to the Web's free font resources, Divide By Zero serves up a eye-catching collection of original TrueType fonts. They're free to use, but may not be resold (as part of a collection on CD, for example). Webmaster Tom Murphy doesn't beat around the bush on this site; he gets straight to the fonts on the main page. Each font is annotated with interesting commentary about its creation and suggestions for use. For those in a hurry, you can get all the fonts in a convenient ZIP file.

Font Mania

This nicely-designed resource offers over 400 free Windows TrueType fonts, conveniently organized. There's a "Top 10" listing and an archive of past favorites. A good collection, with many fonts that we've not seen elsewhere. This site offers a message board for you to place requests on. There are also helpful tips and tricks on using fonts.


If you have a bunch of fonts scattered across your hard drive, then you need this free essential utility. FontLister allows you to quickly view, browse, print, and work with your fonts. FontLister's latest version is shareware, but you can still get Version 2, which is freeware. (For Windows).