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Free Online Games

Looking for some fun? Below, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at the Web's top free online game sites.

Glam Arcade

This site offers over 4,500 free games for girls, with new games added daily. Here, you'll find makeover games, dress-up games, fashion games, cooking games, Barbie games, and more. You can also create your own profile page, where you can feature your favorite games and invite your friends and earn points.


At this addictive site, you can play online solitaire games in your browser for free. Unlike most solitaire games, here you play against the clock for points. The faster you play, the higher your score.


Here, you'll find a fun collection of free classic arcade games that you can play in your browser. Categories include action, adventure, board games, Pac-Man, puzzles, shooters, word games, and more.


Are you looking for some fun? This site offers a nice roundup of online games that you can play in your browser. Game categories here include 3D, action, adventure, cooking, dress-up games, football, strategy, and more. (Note: site is mostly in Romanian language, but is easily navigable by speakers of other languages).


This site offers a fun collection of free online games that you can play in any browser. Here, you'll find Flash, Java and Shockwave games, as well as downloadable titles.

Cook Arcade

This regularly updated site offers a fun selection of over 1,750 online cooking games for girls. Here, you'll find restaurant games, food games, Barbie cooking games and burger, cake and pizza games, and more.


At this popular site, you'll find over 1,500 free online "dress up" fashion games. Titles here include makeup games, cooking games, Barbie dress up games, fashion games, celebrity dress up games, and other games for girls. You can also create a profile page here and include your favorite games. New games are added here daily.

Wired Arcade

This site has a fun selection of free games that you can play online. Game categories here include action, adventure, arcade, puzzles, shooting games, sports and strategy.

New 1000 AD

This is a challenging, free multiplayer turn-based strategy war game, based on medieval civilizations around the year 1000 AD. New 1000 AD is an online browser game and there are two different text-based games available to play.

JocuriPe online games

At this site, you'll find lots of free online Flash games that you can play in your browser. Note: the site's text is mostly in Romanian, but English speakers can still easily navigate the site. Game categories include action, board games, casino, driving, fighting games, puzzles, sports, strategy, and more.


This site offers lots of free, entertaining online Flash games that you can play in your browser. Game categories include action, puzzles, sports, shooting games and classics. New titles are added here each Thursday.


This site features a fun collection of free online Flash games that you can play in your browser. Each game includes a short description. Categories include action, arcade, puzzles, sports, and more.


This is a fun, free Web-based multi-player strategy game that lets you build your own castle in real time. No installation is required; you can play the game in your browser.


Do you play the Facebook games FarmVille or FrontierVille? This site offers a useful roundup of news, tips, tricks, and other info to help you get the most out of these popular social networking games.

Games County

At this regularly updated site, you'll find a fun collection of free online games. Categories include action, arcade, adventure, shooting, sports, racing, puzzles and more.


This is a free multiplayer online space battle real-time strategy game. A classic title, Netrek has been around over 20 years, but is alive and well, thanks to a dedicated network of volunteer developers, and it remains as addictive as ever. (For Windows, Mac, and Linux).


An addictive, free online card game that is based on a solitaire layout (but also lets you compete against three other players). Grump features colorful graphics and nice sound. Note: this game requires the free Macromedia Shockwave browser plugin.


Here, you'll find a fun collection of free online games in Java and Shockwave format. Game types here include arcade, action, classics, puzzles, racing, shooting games, slots and strategy.


Are you bored? This site has the cure: loads of fun, free games that you can play in your browser. The dazzling, multimedia games here can be quite addictive. Titles include action, strategy, puzzles, sports and arcade games.

Stan's NetChess

This free service lets you play chess games online via a graphical interface, with your moves updated automatically. No Java or downloads are required to play at this human vs. human site.