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Free Icons and Buttons

Are you looking for icons, buttons or other images for your Web pages? In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at various resources on the Web that offer free logos, icons, buttons and other clipart suitable for Web sites. We also take a look at free online services that allow you to easily create custom images, by simply filling out a series of forms.


A fine resource for free, original button images, as well as complete button sets, sorted by theme. Categories include Classic, Lava, Neon, Oval Texture, Ship Controls and more.

Icon Archive

Here's a cool collection of useful and funny free Web graphics. Site owner Leo serves up over 500,000 icons, caps, lines, flags, markers and bullets.


Need a professional-looking custom button image? This online service lets you create a customized button for free. Here, you'll find an advanced button generator, with loads of options, as well as an easy-to-use basic button creator.

Art for the Web

Suzanne Roman's site offers an eye-catching collection of original graphics. Here, you'll find backgrounds, buttons, 3D navigation interfaces, page templates and more. There's also a good collection of Webmaster-related links, too.

Artist for Hire

Graphics guru Bruce Stawicki's site is a fast-growing roundup of original images, suitable for using on personal Web sites. Images on tap here include textures, lines, animation, buttons, page sets, balls & bullets, interfaces and more. If you would like a custom graphic made, send in your request to Bruce: he'll make one for you in exchange for a linkback on your personal Web site.

Andy's Free Buttons

This is the first free graphics site we've seen devoted solely to the topic of the small graphic images called buttons. And there's a fine selection here, too. You'll find buttons suited for white backgrounds, buttons for black backgrounds and animated buttons here. There's even a bit of button trivia, to boot.