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Free Misc. Graphics

In this section, TheFreeSite.com offers a roundup of various free graphic and clipart resources on the Web. Content in this section ranges from free desktop wallpaper to free clipart suitable for Web pages to free online services that allow you to create custom images.


How'd you like a really cool custom logo? That's what this innovative free service offers. Designs here include animated flames, Alien Glow, beveled pattern, chalk, chrome, comic, metal, drop shadow, frosty, glowing, neon, particle trace and many more. You may select from their pre-made images or generate your own custom logo.


This popular site offers a treasure trove of free vector graphics, as well as resources for vector artists. Here, you can create and exchange a variety of free graphics, including vector icons, vector patterns, vector swirls, flourishes, and other free resources.


Claire Schaeffer's site is a well-organized, searchable database of free graphics links. Graphics include buttons, bullets, control panels, bars, sets, backgrounds, animations, and more. All sites are rated and reviewed.

My Live Signature

This free service lets you create a customized signature image that you can use in online posts, E-mails, blogs, and other digital content. The service is easy to use; just follow the simple instructions.


This site is a good place to go for free high-quality wallpaper images, suitable for your desktop. Here, you will find over 3,400 wallpaper images in 85 categories. Wallpapers are available for all major resolutions.

Wallpapers World

Looking for free desktop wallpaper images? At this site, you'll find a classy selection of wallpapers, each available in various resolutions. You can also upload your own images here. Categories include animals, art, cars, celebrities, digital art, games, girls, nature, space, sports, and more.


Are you looking for free texture images? At this site, you'll find a nice collection of high-quality textures in a variety of resolutions, as well as patterns and backgrounds. Here, you'll also find icons, Photoshop resources, Web design elements, wallpapers, and more.


This site offers a nice selection of free desktop wallpaper images that you can download in a variety of resolutions. Categories here include 3D images, animals, anime, Bollywood, holidays, iPhone, Lollywood, movies, nature, sports, and more.


This is a good place to go if you're looking for free automobile wallpaper images. This searchable site features thousands of high-quality car wallpapers, from dozens of auto manufacturers worldwide.


The top resource of its kind, Free-Backgrounds.com offers loads of free, original background images for your Web site. No matter what type of look you're trying to achieve with your page, you'll find just the background you need at this new site. Backgrounds here are available in all colors and in hundreds of designs, suitable for both personal and business sites.

Picture to People

This is a free, versatile online graphics editing program that lets you enhance your images and photos with many types of professional-looking effects. Photo effects here include cartoonization, dithering, drawing, geometric, mosaic, pastel, pencil, and more. Many nifty-looking text effects are also available.

Total Wallpapers

Are you looking for free high-quality desktop wallpapers? This site offers a good selection of wallpapers in many categories. Topics include 3D and abstract images, animals, cartoons, fantasy, holidays, movies, nature, sci-fi, sports, vehicles, and more.

iPhone wallpapers

Looking for free wallpaper images for your iPhone? This site serves up over 6,000 eye-catching, quality free iPhone wallpapers in over 120 sections. Categories include 3D, animals, Christian, holidays, movies, nature, and more. At this site, you'll also find a big collection of free iPhone and iPad wallpapers.


Here's a nifty archive of free animations for your Web site. Graphics here are helpfully categorized. Topics include aliens, animals, books, flags, hearts, money, numbers, signs, sports, zodiacs and more.


A nice resource, this site serves up hundreds of free desktop themes. Categories here include anime, art, fantasy, games, horror & occult, holidays, movies and music. New themes are added each day.


Here's a directory of sites that offer free graphics, including animations, templates and clipart, as well as Webmaster resources.

GraphX Kingdom

This major free graphics resource site serves up over 3,000 images, including a nice assortment of icons. A local search engine makes it easier to find what you need. Graphics are also offered in ZIP format, for faster downloads. There's also a section on "How to Download" for newbies.


A free online image manipulation service that lets you add your own text message to any image. It's handy if you'd like to personalize your images--and can also discourage people from stealing your graphics.


This well-organized site offers a large collection of free Windows desktop wallpaper. Unlike most sites of this kind, WittsWallpapers.com doesn't pester you with banner ads or popup windows. Besides wallpapers, you'll find Windows startup and shutdown screens, themes, cursors, icons and more.


This site offers an eye-catching collection of free images, suitable for use as Windows desktop wallpaper. The original art on this site was created by digital artist Ed Zenisek. Each image here is available in three different resolutions.