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Free Image Hosting

Over the past few years, we've seen the emergence of many new free Web services that offer file and image hosting. These services are handy for those who have no interest in setting up a full Web site, but who do need a place on the Web to easily upload and display their photos, graphics and other images.
Free image and graphics hosting services are handy for many purposes. You can use them to host images for Web sites, message boards, forums, blogs, eBay auctions and more. Typically, these services support the Web's major image formats, including GIF, JPG and PNG.

ePhoto Bay

This is a free image hosting and sharing service that lets you upload an unlimited number of images. Each image may be up to 10 megs in size. ePhoto Bay supports image hotlinking, with unlimited bandwidth. Registration is not required.


Looking for a secondary backup location for your photos? A free service, Pixi.me is an easy-to-use, free photo sharing service that is built around Gallery, the popular open source Web-based photo album organizer. Here, you can manage your own Gallery-based site and hotlink and embed your photos directly from a blog or forum posting.


An easy-to-use service that offers free image hosting. Images here can be up to four megs in size. File formats allowed include GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and more. The service is suitable for posting images on forums, online auctions, classified ads, or simply sharing images with friends and family.


A free photo hosting service that lets you easily upload, link and share your images. Here, you can create public and private galleries and upload multiple pictures at one time. You can tag your photos and link them in Web sites, emails, and blogs.


A free image hosting service that offers lots of useful features, including an auction gallery, portfolio, slideshow and a "spin 360" option. Alkaspace.com gives you 99 megs of disk space and is suitable for image hosting for Xanga, MySpace, eBay, blogs, message boards, and more. Here, you can host JPG, GIF and PNG files.


A free file uploading site that is easy to use. An interesting and useful feature of this service is that when you upload files here, they are automatically uploaded to several major free file hosting sites, such as RapidShare.com, DepositFiles.com and Uploading.com.


This versatile image hosting site (which is available in a free version) lets you share photos and other images with your friends and family, as well as host images for online auctions. Piczs.com lets you create image portfolios, auction galleries, slide shows, and more.


Here's an easy-to-use free image hosting service that gives you 20 megs of storage space and 200 megs of monthly bandwidth. Image formats supported are JPG, GIF and PNG.


This is a new free image hosting service that is easy to use. FreeImageHosting.net is useful for posting images on message boards, online auctions, online classifieds, and sharing pictures with your friends and family. The service supports GIF, JPG and PNG file extensions.