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Free Screensavers

Many of the best screensavers on the Web are of the shareware and commercial variety. However, there are a number of outstanding freeware screensavers out there that are as good as, or better, than commercial programs.
It is our goal here at TheFreeSite.com to bring you a current listing of what we believe are the best free screensavers and screensaver utilities around.

Acez 3D Pic Cube Screensaver

Do you want a nifty way to display photos that you've collected on your hard drive? This cool freeware screensaver displays your photos or images in the form of a spinning 3D picture cube. It's nice for holiday, family or pet photos. (For Windows).


This site offers a good collection of original, freeware animated Flash screensavers. Screensavers here include "Picture Kaleidoscope," "Wandering Spider" and "Tentacled Creature." All the screensavers on this site are adware/spyware/virus free. (For Windows).

Heavenly Bodies Screensavers

This site offers a big roundup of free screensavers that display beautiful models, clad in bikinis and lingerie. The images are all high resolution and the screensavers offer many transition effects and customizable settings. (For Windows).


This site offers hundreds of free screensavers that include videos and background music. Categories include animals, holidays, inspiration, nature, romance, spirituality, and more. Here, you'll also find free desktop wallpapers and E-cards.


This site is one of our favorite resources for the Web's top freeware screensavers. Screensaver categories here include anime, art, cartoons, computers, fantasy, games, holidays, horror & occult, movies, nature, religious, sci-fi, sports, TV and more.


The Web's top site for free, original screensavers for the Mac. There are screensavers in many categories to choose from: cartoons, holidays, horoscopes, landscapes, sports and more. The site also includes Windows compatible versions of each screensaver.

MyCorkboard Screensaver

(Note: this program is no longer being updated). This versatile free screensaver is like a bulletin board for your computer, onto which you can place any one of a number of cool interactive objects, such as a clock, a calendar, memo pads, graphics, various gizmos, pranks and much more. Note: you must register to use Corkboard more than 10 days (but registering is free, too!). For Windows.

JoBlo Movie Screensavers

This nifty site rounds up all the Web's free cinema-related screensavers in one convenient spot. Each listing is accompanied by a short description. The site also offers movie reviews, quizzes, trailers, scripts and more.

Spirit of America Screensaver

This site offers a good collection of patriotic "America" themed freeware screensavers. Screensavers here include "Spirit of America," which features the U.S. flag. Other free items here include patriotic-themed wallpapers and desktop themes. (For Windows and Macs).

American Flag Screensaver

This freeware screen saver lets you display colorful, floating American flags on your desktop. The screensaver includes a password-protection feature. (For Windows).

TheFreeSite.com Screensaver

Version 6 of TheFreeSite.com's own free screensaver has been released. And we think this all-new screensaver, titled Still Waters, is our best one yet. Features serene images from nature, including lovely photos of rivers, lakes and other tranquil water scenes. The screensaver also displays the current time and date and features nifty transition effects. (2.45 megs). For Windows.

SETI@home screensaver

How many screensavers out there give you a chance to participate in the search for extraterrestrial life? This free screensaver lets you put your computer's idle time to good use by analyzing radio telescope data. The people behind this project, SETI@home, aim to harness the power of thousands of computers to crunch tons of data from space. Who knows, maybe your computer will be the first to get a call from ET! (For Windows, as well as Mac and Unix).

Falling Autumn Leaves Screen Saver

This eye-catching freeware screen saver displays animated falling leaves on your desktop. You can also adjust the rate that the leaves fall. The screen saver also offers password protection. (For Windows).

Michael Jackson Tribute Screensaver

This freeware screensaver pays tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. This screensaver fits all screen resolutions. (For Windows).

Harry Potter Screensavers

This site features six different freeware screensavers that pay tribute to the feature film that is based on the wildly popular book series about a boy wizard's adventures. (For Windows and Macs).

Galaxies Screensaver

A phenomenal free screensaver that offers soaring views of various animated galaxies, along with many other space objects, including comets, asteroids, black holes, dark matter, etc. Can be customized many different ways. Fun to watch! (For Windows).

Lord of the Rings Screensaver

This free screensaver features wallpaper-sized images from the popular movie version of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic fantasy tale. (Available for both Windows and Macs).

Spider-Man Screen Saver

Here's a freeware screen saver that pays homage to the superhero action movie that shattered box office records. (For Windows).

Maria Sharapova Screensaver

This freeware screensaver pays tribute to the Russian tennis sensation Maria Sharapova, who dethroned two-time champion Serena Williams for the Wimbledon title. You can also convert images from this screensaver to your desktop wallpaper. (For Windows).

JoBlo Movie Star Screen Savers

Here's a classy collection of freeware screen savers that feature images of top cinema stars from past and present. Celebrities here include Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Salma Hayek, Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, John Wayne, and more screen savers are being added constantly. (For Windows).