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Free Disk Drive Utilities

In this section, TheFreeSite.com offers a roundup of freeware programs that can help you manage, maintain and optimize your computer's hard drive. We also take a look at freeware hard drive analyzer programs, as well as free programs that can help you encrypt your hard drive to secure it from prying eyes.


An easy-to-use freeware program that automatically backs up your documents. Back2zip works in the background, constantly monitoring your documents and ensuring that they're properly backed up to ZIP compressed files. (For Windows).

Disk Benchmark

Have you ever wondered how fast your hard drive is? This easy-to-use free utility lets you calculate the speed of any hard disk or removable media (like a USB flash drive). The program performs several tests on your drive and then calculates the speed in megabytes per second. (For Windows).

Disk Explorer Professional

This powerful free disk management application helps you quickly organize your files. The program is user-friendly and features a Windows Explorer-like interface. (For Windows).

FreeRAM XP Pro

Have you ever noticed that the longer you use Windows in a given session, your PC slows down as you have less memory available? Here's an outstanding, easy-to-use freeware memory "scrubber" utility that frees up and optimizes your PC's memory. (For Windows).

Partition Manager

A fine freeware disk partitioning utility. Partition Manager allows you to create and delete partitions, lets you view your hard disks' IDE information and lets you format and resize FAT-16 and FAT-32 files systems. Also offers support for extended DOS partition. Available in English, German, Swedish, Spanish and Russian.

PrimaSoft Disk Analyzer

Take a look under the hood of your computer with this excellent free Windows program that lets you analyze your hard drive. You can easily take a detailed look at a selected hard drive or directory. It offers a summary by files, directories, type, size and date, displays graphs and lets you print reports.