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    Freebie Directory offers lots of free family items.

  • Free texting

    This site offers a free text messaging service.


Free Streaming Resources

This is a roundup of RealAudio and other free "streaming" audio and video resources on the Web. The advantage to streaming audio is that you can listen to "live" content, such as newscasts, without a cumbersome download waiting period.
By far the most popular program for listening to streaming content is RealAudio. You can download a free version of this popular program here. (Look for the small text link that says "Our Free Player.") Other free programs for listening to streaming content are here.

Classical Connect

A must for classical music lovers, this site offers a "virtual concert hall," featuring thousands of music performances, which you can browse by instrument, composer and performer. If you're a musician, you can also upload your music here.


This nifty, easy-to-use freeware program lets you watch over 1,200 TV channels worldwide via your broadband Net connection. Many channel topics are available: news, music, education, sports, shopping, and more. You can browse channels by regions or by country name. The program is adware-free. (For Windows).


This easy-to-use free site features soothing high-quality soundscapes that include white noise, pink noise and brown noise. It's handy for many purposes, including usage as a sleep aid, blocking distractions, to sooth migraines, increase focus, and more.


Have you ever wanted to watch a movie and wondered if it was available to stream? This free site's search engine will tell you if a movie is available to stream and if so, where (Amazon, Netflix, Google Play, etc.) You can also find out if a film is available to purchase.


This site serves up full-length movies, TV shows, and original series that you can watch for free via Flash in your browser. The service is ad-supported. Genres include action, comedy, horror, sci-fi, thrillers, and more. The service supports Windows and Mac. (Mostly U.S. only, although some content is available in Canada, the U.K. and Australia).


This fun site celebrates the golden age of radio and offers hundreds of vintage radio shows that you can listen to in MP3 format, for free. Programs include "Abbott and Costello," "Superman," "The Avenger," "Gunsmoke," and more.