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April Fools' Day Freebies

Every April Fools' Day, we here at TheFreeSite.com serve up a roundup of the latest April Fools' Day-related freebies that the Web has to offer. Be sure to check with us regularly between now and April Fools' Day, as we'll continue to add new listings to this section.


This nifty, free prank program makes it realistically appear as though an unwanted file is being downloaded from the Net. DownHoax randomly chooses a site from its internal database of undesirables, and proceeds to simulate downloading an equally distasteful file. Supports both Netscape and Internet Explorer. (For Windows).

Cursor Fun

Here's a fun, freeware program that randomly changes the appearance of the mouse cursor. It allows you to choose which cursor to change, what type of cursor to change it to, and how often you'd like to swap the cursor. Cursor Fun is great for playing a trick on an unsuspecting user, or for those who get bored easily with their desktop. (For Windows).

April Fools' Day Graphics

Claire Schaeffer's site offers a nice roundup of the Web's top April Fools' Day-themed graphics sites. Free images here include joke animations, fun matching sets, humorous Windows splash screens and more. All sites are rated and reviewed.


This freeware prank program lives up to its name. That is: it'll definitely give you a headache. Be sure to view the disclaimer before viewing. You may also send HeadAche as a postcard. (For Windows).

Fake Format

Drive your friends(?) insane with this cruel prank program. Fake Format is a free utility that when executed, gives the appearance that your hard drive is being formated. Your victim will be unable to stop or close this clever, realistic program. It even creates hard drive noise while it is formatting. (For Windows).

Random Wallpaper Changer

This free utility randomly switches your Windows desktop wallpaper at any interval that you select. It's a stealth program (meaning that it can't be detected). Good either as a prank or if you'd just like to have a new wallpaper automatically displayed, from time to time. (For Windows).

The Finger Prank

Launch this free prank program on your unsuspecting victim and watch their reaction when the Windows cursor changes to a rude gesture that involves the middle finger! By default, this program will switch the standard cursor to a finger every five seconds, but you can configure how often the cursor will change. (For Windows).

Program/WAV Launcher

This free, sneaky gag program offers all kinds of possibilities for driving your buddies bananas. It's a hidden program launcher that'll execute a specified program or .WAV file at intervals that you choose. You can specify when the program or sound file will be launched, as well as how often it'll be launched. Fun! (For Windows).

Crazy Num-Caps-Scroll gag program

I know from personal experience that this prank program can drive someone crazy! This free utility will toggle the Num Lock or Scroll Lock keys at intervals that you can specify. You can set up which keys to toggle and how often they'll be toggled. New version includes command line support for Num, Caps and Scroll Lock. (For Windows).


Install this free joke program and it displays a button on the desktop. When your prank victim moves their mouse to click on the button, it moves elsewhere! Lots of fun. (For Windows).

Fake Delete

A perfect gag for April Fools' Day, this exceedingly cruel, freeware prank program simulates the deletion of all files and folders in your victim's Windows directory. The program's action looks very real, and even experienced users will be unable to detect or stop it. You can select the directory to be deleted. This new version features the added realism of hard drive noise! (For Windows).

Fake Windows Start Menu

Here's another free gag program to play on a computer user. This is a fake Windows Start Menu that won't respond to the user. It actually takes away the users' Start Menu and puts this one in its place. Very realistic. (For Windows).

Bomb Crash Alert Gag

This joke program simulates the Windows program crash dialog box. And it's difficult to tell that it's a fake! It's easy to use and there is no setup/install involved. Just copy the program to someone's machine and run it. Here's Bomb Crash Alert's home page, which features more freeware gags. (For Windows).

Black Screen

This free program will cause your victims' screen to go black or capture the desktop & display a bitmap image. The victim of your prank will then be unable to close the screen without a password. Black Screen can be used as a joke gag or for security purposes. Here's the home page. (For Windows).