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Halloween Freebies

Welcome to TheFreeSite.com's Halloween Freebies section. Here, we serve up a roundup of the Web's best Halloween-themed free stuff, including ghoulish games, creepy contests and spooky free clipart for your Web. We also offer free scary sound files, free Halloween software, stationery & screen savers, and greeting cards.

Halloween stationery

Liven up your Halloween E-mail correspondence with the fun, freeware custom stationery at CloudEight Stationery. Here, you'll find a spooky collection of free Halloween themed stationery for use with Windows Live Mail, Outlook and Outlook Express. Each self-installing package here includes nice scrolling backgrounds, and some include music. (For Windows).

Halloween Haunting Screen Saver

This freeware screen saver features animated, creepy 3D skulls and scary jack-o'-lanterns that float around your screen, along with various spooky noises. (For Windows).

Full Horror

This site offers a spooky collection of free full-length public domain movies that you can watch online. Categories include thrillers, horror, science fiction, zombies and monster movies.

Halloween desktop themes

AAAThemes.com, a popular desktop themes resource, offers a nice selection of free Halloween themes, as well as thousands of themes in other categories.

Haunted House Horrors Screen Saver

This new freeware Halloween screen saver features a cast of spooky characters, including floating ghosts, bats, a screeching cat and more, along with creepy sound effects. (For Windows).

Halloween Screen Savers

One of our favorite resources on the Web for free Halloween screen savers. This site offers dozens of spooky screen savers and more titles are added each day.

Halloween Screensaver

This is a free, family friendly Halloween screensaver that features images of ghosts, witches, vampires, and other scary creatures. The screensaver offers eerie music, transition effects, and a "sticky note" feature for custom on-screen messages, as well as other options. (For Windows).

Halloween Cell Phone Freebies

This site offers a spooky collection of Halloween-themed freebies for your mobile phone, including screensavers and wallpapers. No registration is required. The site is safe for all ages.

Halloween desktop wallpaper

This site offers a good selection of free Halloween-themed desktop wallpaper, as well as thousands of wallpapers in other categories.

Halloween Screen Savers

This site serves up a fun collection of free Halloween screen savers, including the popular "Ultimate Horror Scream Saver," which features images from "Night of the Living Dead," "Alien," "Friday the 13th," etc. No installation is required for these screen savers (just download them to your desktop, click and play). (For Windows).

Halloween Coloring Pages

This site offers a nice collection of free Halloween-themed coloring pages for children, suitable for outputting on your printer. The site includes pictures that are appropriate for toddlers, as well as for older children.

Halloween Postcards

Here, you'll find a fun collection of free digital cards for Halloween. Just browse the thumbnail images until you find the card you want, then personalize it with your message and send it on its way.

Halloween Horror Tetris Game

A fun Halloween-themed Tetris clone arcade game that featured spooky, rendered 3D games pieces, falling against a scary background. (For Windows).

Halloween Screen Saver

This freeware screen saver features scary animated images, including a haunted house and a graveyard, as well as a creepy cast of characters: witches, ghouls, ghosts, mummies, skeletons and more. It also features a scene of various ghouls dancing to "Monster Mash." (For Windows).

Halloween Fonts

The major freeware fonts site, Acid Fonts, serves up a spooky selection of free Halloween-themed fonts at this site. Font selctions here include "Blood of Dracula," "Dungeon," "Creepy Girl," and more.

Free Halloween Screen Savers

Here's a frightfully entertaining collection of free Halloween-themed screen savers for Windows. You'll also find free Halloween-themed desktop wallpapers and greeting cards.

Free Halloween art

Here, you'll find a nice little collection of free Halloween clipart. And with this site's online image editor, you can customize and edit these images, which include ghosts, tombstones, pumpkins, witches and the Grim Reaper. From the major free clipart site, GraphxKingdom.com.

Free Halloween Backgrounds

Add a Halloween touch to your presentations or Web pages with the many free Halloween background images available at this site. Images here include ghosts, pumpkins, witches, skulls, spiders and loads more.

Grim Reaper Screen Saver

This freeware screen saver celebrates with spirit of Halloween with spooky animated images. Be sure to also check out the matching jigsaw puzzle, available here, as well. (For Windows).


Here is a spooky collection of freeware Halloween-themed fonts. Perfect if you're making a logo for your site or printing a Halloween newsletter for family and friends.