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    This site offers a free text messaging service.


CGI Freebies

In this section, TheFreeSite.com offers a roundup of various freeware Webmaster programs on the Web. The free programs we review perform all sorts of handy Webmaster-related tasks, from HTML editing to tweaking your site's Meta tags. For more Webmaster-related freebies, go here.


This handy Webmaster's resource offers various free enhancements for your Web site. They offer a free counter, guestbook, message board and poll service.


Here, you'll find free remotely hosted CGI scripts that let you add nifty features and enhancements to your site. Scripts here include a search engine, a news board, a generic gifts store, a page counter, a random linker, a jump box, and more.


This site offers loads of free, ad-supported interactive gadgets that you can easily add to your site. Gadgets here include such useful site features as a links page, a jump box, a spam fighter, a random image, a random link, a simple counter, a password protection feature, a voting booth, a guestbook and more.


This site offers a nice collection of free remotely hosted CGI scripts that you can customize and use to enhance your Web site. Scripts here include a stats tracker, a guestbook, an access counter, a spam fighter, a random link script, and more.


This nifty, pioneering service is perfect for Webmasters who'd like to add interactive forms to their site, but don't know a scripting language. Just follow the easy instructions here and Freedback.com will generate a custom form for your site. Note: the basic version of this service is free; you can also sign up for a free 30-day trial of an enhanced version of the service, with added features.


(Note: this site is occasionally inaccessible). Are you aiming to learn Perl? At this site, you'll find tutorials and free perl downloads. You can start learning how to program CGI scripts from scratch, or pick up on an advanced lesson.