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Free URL Redirection Services

In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at free URL redirection services, which give your site a shorter, easy-to-remember site address, such as "come.to/MySite." These services are particularly helpful if you host your site at a free Web hosting service that burdens its members pages with lengthy, hard-to-remember URLs.


Does your Web site have a lengthy, cumbersome URL? FreeURL.cc offers a free URL redirection service that gives your site a shorter, easy-to-remember URL. The service is easy to implement. Registration is free (all you need is a valid email account).

URL Redirect

Here's a free URL redirection service that offers lots of handy features and displays no banners or popup ads. URL Redirect offers free subdomain names, detailed traffic reports, path forwarding, favicon support, and more. The service also offers URL cloaking (which gives you the option of having your new subdomain URL displayed in your visitors' browser address bar).


A unique service that offers you a free, short and easy-to-remember domain name, including DNS hosting, along with a short URL and a redirection service. Here, you also get a free custom nameserver service. Setup is quick and easy.