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URL Redirection Services

In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at free URL redirection services, which give your site a shorter, easy-to-remember site address, such as "come.to/MySite." These services are particularly helpful if you host your site at a free Web hosting service that burdens its members pages with lengthy, hard-to-remember URLs.


This is a free URL shortening service with lots of handy features. Here, you can shorten your URL with a random string at the end (example: hmltn.ml/78g8x6) or create a custom name. You can also password-protect your URL and make it public or private. The service also lets you limit the number of clicks a URL can get before it is deactivated.


A unique service that offers you a free, short and easy-to-remember domain name, including DNS hosting, along with a short URL and a redirection service. Here, you also get a free custom nameserver service. Setup is quick and easy.