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The Web is one place where it actually may be a good idea to be paranoid, because "they" may really be watching you. Many people surf around unaware that they might be leaving a trail of information about themselves scattered across the Net. Most folks are also unaware of how vulnerable their E-mails are to snoops and hackers.
Every time you visit a site, it's possible that you're leaving a trail of personal data. When you surf the Web, send E-mail or use social media, be sure to protect your privacy.
In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at free services and freeware programs that let you protect your privacy while online and offline.


This handy freeware E-mail management program lets you fight back against spammers and E-mail viruses and helps protect your privacy. MailWasher lets you check and manage your E-mails before you download them. You can also use it to bounce E-mails back to spammers, so that it looks as though your E-mail address is no longer valid. (For Windows).


This is a free email service that can help you protect your privacy and avoid spam and unsolicited emails. The service lets you easily create a disposable, temporary email address (which is handy for use in situations where you don't want to use your private, personal email address). Tempr.email is a versatile service that offers loads of useful features.


Are you worried about sending private info via email? This easy-to-use program keeps your email secure with strong encryption. EncryptUs sits in the background automatically encrypting and decrypting your email. (Note: in order to work, EncryptUs must be used by your email recipient, as well). The program is free for personal use.


This free service offers temporary, disposable E-mail accounts that you can use to protect your privacy and also reduce the spam you receive. It's a handy service to use when you're reluctant to use your main, primary E-mail address when you're prompted to enter an E-mail address online.


Here's a free, easy-to-use service that lets you instantly create disposable E-mail addresses. These are useful for protecting your privacy and avoiding spammers when you're filling out online forms. The service is available in English and Spanish.


This is a handy free service that lets you surf the Web anonymously through a proxy server. SpySurfing also lets you bypass filters and helps you steer clear of spyware.


This free online service lets you check the reputation of any Web site or IP address and analyze it for any possible hazards. urlCheck.info is useful for determining if a site is engaged in scams like phishing, spam, fake online shops, or malware distribution.

Opera browser with free VPN

If you use public WiFi, your security and privacy could be at risk. A good way to protect yourself is via a VPN (virtual private network). Opera now offers a free, easy-to-use VPN built into its browser (along with a built-in ad blocker and battery saver). This handy VPN encrypts your data and is easy to use. (For Windows).

Picture Text

This free service lets you send image attachments via E-mail, anonymously. A similar free service here lets you send audio attachments via anonymous E-mail.

Hotspot Shield

When you use a public Wi-Fi hotspot, your personal data is at risk and can be stolen by hackers. This handy free program masks and encrypts your data when you use a public hotspot. Hotspot Shield also protects your IP address and lets you surf the Web anonymously. (For Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone).

TunnelBear VPN

Using public WiFi and worried about your security and privacy? This easy-to-use VPN (virtual private network) helps protect your privacy from hackers, Web sites, and advertisers. TunnelBear secures your data with AES 256-bit encryption. It's available in a free version that gives you 500 megs of data per month.

Ad-Aware Free

Protect yourself from "spyware" with this handy free utility. (Spyware consists of sneaky software programs that use your Net connection--usually to report data to advertisers--without your approval or knowledge). Ad-Aware removes spyware on your PC and scans your memory, registry and hard drive for known spyware components. (For personal home use only). (For Windows).


If you have DSL or a cable modem, you may have heard about the security problems that these types of always-on connections pose. An essential free firewall program, ZoneAlarm offers your computer protection against thieves, snoops and vandals. ZoneAlarm includes five interlocking security services, including a Stealth Mode, which renders your computer invisible to the Web (and potential intruders). (For Windows).