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Free E-mail Reminders, Alerts

In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at the Web's various free reminder services. Among the most useful freebies on the Net, these free services offer a great way to get your life organized.
Just sign up with one of these services and they'll send you E-mail reminders for any occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries to doctor's appointments to business meetings. Many of these services also offer free online, customizable calendars, as well as personalized online appointment books, schedule managers and much more.


Here's a useful free reminder service that lets you easily specify one-time or recurring events and automatically sends you a reminder about them via E-mail or a wireless device.


This handy free service can help organize your life. An easy-to-use service, Remindeo sends you reminders on everything from work tasks to appointments to birthdays to annual renewals and more. You can choose to be reminded several different ways, including text messages, email, and voice calls. You can also make notes and create lists.

Kis Reminder

Need a helping hand in organizing your life? This handy free service lets you set up email reminders to help you remember everything from birthdays to anniversaries to appointments. The service is easy to use.


This free, easy-to-use E-mail reminder service can help you get your life organized. RemindTime.com can help you remember birthdays, meetings, appointments, and more.


A must for fans of Apple's iTunes online music store, TunesTracker is a free service that searches the iTunes site daily for your favorite artists and then sends you an E-mail alert when it locates new tunes by those artists. You can also get updates via RSS or the Web.


This handy free email reminder service can help you organize your overflowing inbox. You can write or forward any email to Nudgemail and it'll be sent back to you at any time you specify. Since Nudgemail works within your email, there's no need to log in to an external site to use the service. Nudgemail works with all email clients and on any device.

The Emergency E-mail Network

Sign up with this unique free service to receive notification via E-mail of natural disasters or other emergencies in your area. To get started, select your state and county from the lists provided and follow the instructions. (U.S. only).