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Free E-mail Software

In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at notable free Email software programs on the Web. These programs range from all-purpose Email freeware programs to mailing list servers to specialized programs, such as security programs and anti-spam utilities. Be sure to also check out TheFreeSite.com's Anonymous Freebies section for a roundup of free programs and services that can help you protect your privacy online.

eM Client

A useful email client that is free for home use. Features include an easy-to-use interface, as well as a calendar, tasks, contacts, chat, and more. eM Client supports all major email services including Gmail, iCloud, Exchange and Outlook.com and it's easy to import your data from most other email clients. (For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10).


This handy freeware E-mail management program lets you fight back against spammers and E-mail viruses and helps protect your privacy. MailWasher lets you check and manage your E-mails before you download them. You can also use it to bounce E-mails back to spammers, so that it looks as though your E-mail address is no longer valid. (For Windows).


(Note: JBMail is still available, but the program is no longer developed or supported). Here's a unique, free portable POP3 mail reader and mailbox maintenance utility, that gives you direct access to your POP mailbox. You can view, preview, delete, save, print, and even get attachments directly from your mailbox. As a result, you don't have to go through the hassle of downloading anything that you don't want to your hard drive. Handy, particularly for those who get lots of E-mail. (For Windows).

Hikyaku Japanese E-mailer

Here's a free E-mail client that is capable of displaying Japanese characters on non-Japanese computers. Using Hikyaku, you don't need a commercial character extension program such as KanjiKit or Twinbridge. This is a helpful program for Japanese speakers who are on the road and want to send E-mail from standard PCs. (For Windows).

Listserv Lite

We've had a number of visitors ask if there are any free mailing list programs available on the Net. Here's one from the makers of the well-known industrial-strength creators of Listserv. The Free Edition is a freeware version of Listserv Lite, limited to a maximum of 10 mailing lists with up to 500 subscribers each. This version is free, as long as the licensee does not derive a profit from using the software. Be sure to read the usage policy.

Pegasus Mail

One of the Net's all-time classic freeware products, Pegasus has a very strong following, and with good reason. It has tons of helpful features, including a spell checker, multiple signatures, checking of multiple mailboxes, etc. However, Pegasus does suffer from a few drawbacks. We find its interface a little clunky and its cut & paste capabilities are limited. If you download Pegasus, then be sure to check out the Guide to Pegasus Mail Add-ons, which is a good collection of enhancement programs for this E-mail client. (Available for Windows and Macs).