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Freeware Games

Looking for some fun? In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at the Web's top freeware games resources.


Classic games never die, they just migrate to this fun site, which rates and reviews various blasts from the past. DosGames.com features excellent, well-researched reviews for games in many categories. Although some of the games here are shareware, many are either freeware or public domain titles.


At this site, you'll find a fun collection of free and open source games. Categories include arcade titles, puzzles, racing, shooters, strategy, and more. Here, you'll also find a growing collection of useful freeware applications.

Free Solitaire

This is a free collection of 10 solitaire games that features large, realistic card graphics. If you're tired of squinting at the tiny cards in other solitaire games, then this game is for you. You can even use any image you'd like as a card back. Games included are Forty Thieves, Free Cell, Indian Patience, Double Klondike, Montana, Pyramid, Sea Towers, Spider, and more. (For Windows).