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Free Icons and Buttons

Are you looking for icons, buttons or other images for your Web pages? In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at various resources on the Web that offer free logos, icons, buttons and other clipart suitable for Web sites. We also take a look at free online services that allow you to easily create custom images, by simply filling out a series of forms.


A fine resource for free, original button images, as well as complete button sets, sorted by theme. Categories include Classic, Lava, Neon, Oval Texture, Ship Controls and more.

Icon Archive

Here's a cool collection of useful and funny free Web graphics. Site owner Leo serves up over 500,000 icons, caps, lines, flags, markers and bullets.


Need a professional-looking custom button image? This online service lets you create a customized button for free. Here, you'll find an advanced button generator, with loads of options, as well as an easy-to-use basic button creator.

Art for the Web

Suzanne Roman's site offers an eye-catching collection of original graphics. Here, you'll find backgrounds, buttons, 3D navigation interfaces, page templates and more. There's also a good collection of Webmaster-related links, too.

Andy's Free Buttons

This is the first free graphics site we've seen devoted solely to the topic of the small graphic images called buttons. And there's a fine selection here, too. You'll find buttons suited for white backgrounds, buttons for black backgrounds and animated buttons here. There's even a bit of button trivia, to boot.