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Free Image Hosting

Over the past few years, we've seen the emergence of many new free Web services that offer file and image hosting. These services are handy for those who have no interest in setting up a full Web site, but who do need a place on the Web to easily upload and display their photos, graphics and other images.
Free image and graphics hosting services are handy for many purposes. You can use them to host images for Web sites, message boards, forums, blogs, eBay auctions and more. Typically, these services support the Web's major image formats, including GIF, JPG and PNG.


This free service offers both image hosting, as well as regular Web hosting. 1apps features 1 gig of space and speedy servers, with no forced advertising. Features here include FTP access, ASP, SSI, and Microsoft Access database support, along with image and video hosting support.

Image Hosting Biz

Here's a free service that offers reliable image hosting for your Web site, forum, eBay auction, etc. This easy-to-use service lets you drag and drop your images (which may be up to 8 megs in size). Features here include direct image links, BBCode, HTML embed codes, and unlimited uploads.

Dropbox Basic

This is a popular free online storage service that offers you 2 gigs of space that you can access from anywhere (as well as share with others). It's handy for storing your files, photos, docs, videos, etc.


A free service that lets you instantly share and publish various types of content, including documents, video, music and photos. Ge.tt's free version offers 2 gigs of space (each file may be up to 250 megs in size). Here, your files can be shared instantly, with no need to wait for files to upload. You can share your files via an email, direct from the site.


This is a new free image hosting service that is easy to use. FreeImageHosting.net is useful for posting images on message boards, online auctions, online classifieds, and sharing pictures with your friends and family. The service supports GIF, JPG and PNG file extensions.