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Free FTP, Download Utilities

Do you download a lot of programs from the Web? Then you should check out our roundup of the Web's best free FTP programs (and other file transfer utilities) below.
"FTP" stands for File Transfer Protocol. Simply put, it is a way to copy files to and from FTP servers elsewhere on a network. And it's the most common method for downloading files onto your computer (and uploading files to Web sites).
Most people do all their downloading through their Web browsers. Indeed, for casual downloaders, your browser may be all the software you need.
But if you download a lot of files, you should check out the FTP and other file transfer programs we list below. They provide a much superior method for downloading software. They provide many handy features that can make your downloading time much more efficient.

FTP Commander

A basic, easy-to-use freeware FTP client. Offers all the functions of the Web's most popular FTP client, WS_FTP, except that this is unconditionally free. You can delete, rename and copy files, as well as create and delete directories on the FTP server. FTP Commander is freeware; unlike the second FTP client listed here, FTP Navigator, (which is shareware).

FTP Surfer

A good freeware FTP client that features an Internet Explorer-style user interface. Features include multiple server connections, drag-and-drop, smart reconnect for unreliable connections, a favorites menu, and more. (For Windows).


One of the Web's most popular freeware FTP clients, this easy-to-use program offers advanced features and gives you the ability to open several FTP sites at once and execute multiple file transfers concurrently. AceFTP resumes broken transfers and lets you preview files with its integrated viewer. (For Windows).

FTP Explorer

(Note: this program is no longer free). Here's a powerful, fully featured FTP client that offers a Windows Explorer-like interface and is easy to use. (For Windows).