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Free Screensavers

Many of the best screensavers on the Web are of the shareware and commercial variety. However, there are a number of outstanding freeware screensavers out there that are as good as, or better, than commercial programs. It is our goal here at TheFreeSite.com to bring you a current listing of what we believe are the best free screensavers and screensaver utilities around.


This site offers a good collection of original, freeware animated Flash screensavers. Screensavers here include "Picture Kaleidoscope," "Wandering Spider" and "Tentacled Creature." All the screensavers on this site are adware/spyware/virus free. (For Windows).

Free Irish Screen Savers

There's a good collection of free Irish themed screen savers at this site. Check out the Images of Ireland screen saver, featuring beautiful scenes from the Emerald Isle, as well as the Saint Patrick's Life, which tells the life story of Saint Patrick and features images of the saint. (For Windows).

UFO Screen Saver

A clever, eye-catching screen saver that features four different types of popular UFO designs, all rendered photo-realistically, which spin or wobble their way around your screen. (For Windows).

Sky Screen Saver

Do you take your astronomy seriously? Then check this free screen saver out. The Sky Screen Saver shows the sky above any location on Earth, including stars (from the Yale Bright Star Catalogue of more than 9,000 stars to the 7th magnitude), the Moon in its correct phase and position in the sky, and the position of the Sun and all the planets in the sky. (Available for Windows).