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    Freebie Directory offers lots of free family items.

  • Free texting

    This site offers a free text messaging service.


Misc. Freebies

In this section, TheFreeSite.com offers a roundup of various miscellaneous free products and free services that didn't fit into any of our other categories.

Spray Paint Stencils

This site offers hundreds of free stencils in 34 categories that you can output on your printer. The site also features tutorials that show you how to create your own custom stencils. Be sure to read the site's "terms of usage" policies.

Online Photo Course

Would you like to learn about photography? This family-friendly site offers free photo tutorials, lessons, how-to articles, and more. No registration is required. Here, you'll also find free stock photos.


Need a passport photo? These days, you will typically pay around $10 for a passport photo. At this site, you can create a passport photo for free. The site offers an online tool that lets you use your own digital photo to make a passport photo.

Surface Languages

Would you like to learn a new language? This site offers free learning resources for 30 languages. The site offers sound files with thousands of words, phrases and expressions, spoken by native speakers. Here, you'll also find online tests to help you improve your language skills.


Would you like to try your hand at building your own iPhone apps? This site offers a free app builder that lets you build mobile software for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Buzztouch is suitable for both newbies and seasoned developers. Another similar, handy service, AppMakr, is available here.

Mandarin English XL

This site offers free lessons in Mandarin Chinese, a language spoken by over 1.3 billion people. Here, you'll find 25 online lessons. The courses include pinyin and Chinese characters.

Free English lessons

This site offers free English lessons. Here, you'll find 25 English grammar lessons, as well as song-based lessons and explanations of 100 common English idioms.


This popular site offers free legal advice, consultations, articles, FAQs, and legal outlines, as well as other law-related items, including free downloadable legal forms. If you have law-related questions, be sure to check out the free legal advice forums here.

Free Sheet Music

This site, run by volunteers, offers a big collection of free sheet music that you can output on your printer. Artists include Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, and more. The site includes a search engine that lets you browse by artist, or by instrument.


This isn't really a "freebie;" it's the blog of TheFreeSite.com's creator, Marc McDonald. Although this political commentary blog leans progressive, it mainly focuses on issues that the U.S. mainstream press neglects to cover. If you'd like to set up your own blog, check out TheFreeSite.com's roundup of the Web's top free blog services.

Free white paper downloads

At this site, you'll find a directory of hundreds of free business, computer, engineering and trade white papers, downloads and podcasts that are "free to professionals who qualify." Topics include management, marketing, operations, sales, and technology. Note: many of the offers have international availability, but most are U.S. only.


Do you have goals that you'd like to accomplish? At this new "interactive goal-setting site," you can share your goals with an online community, as well as get support and share advice with other goal setters.


These days, more and more sites (such as NYTimes.com) pester you to register before you can access their content. Even more annoyingly, the registration process often requires you to divulge personal info. A handy free service, BugMeNot.com, lets you easily bypass mandatory registration at nearly 100,000 sites.


This free service lets you easily build up a network of people who share your interests. Here, you can sign up for a home page, where you can display your photo and describe yourself and your interests. Ryze also includes an events calendar, a message board, a contact manager and more.


It's amazing how many magazines and newspapers display their entire contents online these days for free. This site, AllYouCanRead.com, rounds up thousands of magazines and newspapers from around the world. There's also a handy search engine, so you can quickly find the publications you're looking for.


Looking for free legal advice? There's plenty of consumer advice available at this comprehensive site. There's a vast number of topics to select from: tax law, intellectual property, labor law, estate planning, bankruptcy law and much more. The information appears to be up-to-date and, in many cases, reflects recent changes in the law. Here, you can browse for basic information (and if you want to pursue the matter further, there's a handy state-by-state categorized index to help you select a lawyer specializing in a given field).

Internet Traffic Report

Why is the Net so slow today, you may be wondering? Click over to this free service and get the details. Find out if the bottleneck is just in your area or global. An information-packed site, the Internet Traffic Report measures the performance of major Internet routers around the world hourly.