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Free Guestbook Services

If you have a Web site, you should really consider adding a guestbook. Guestbooks let your site's visitors leave comments and remarks. You can see from where and when people are looking at your page and also get valuable feedback. Guestbooks are one of the easiest ways to add interactivity to your site.
Below are free services that will create and host your guestbook for you. In many cases, it's very easy to set up a guestbook with one of these services----you basically just fill out a form and you're up and running. For more Webmaster freebies, go here.


A handy free ad-supported service, UltraGuest lets you easily set up a custom guestbook on your site. The service has many helpful features, including unlimited entries, smilies, stats, spam protection and more.


(Note: this site has been occasionally down recently). Need a guestbook for your Web site? MyFreeGB.net offers a free guestbook service that is ad-free. The service lets you customize your guestbook and offers many features, including Captcha spam-blocking and a user-friendly interface that lets you adjust the layout.


(Note: this site is temporarily unavailable). This is a good place to go if you're looking for a free guestbook for your site. FreeGuestBooks.org offers remotely hosted guestbooks that are highly customizable. The service offers nice features such as smilies, user authentication, IP banning and a WYSIWYG editor.

Guest Gear

(Note: Guest Gear shut down in Feb. 2012). A part of the Lycos empire, Guest Gear is far the largest free guestbook server, with over 2 million users. Just sign up and they'll E-mail the coding to cut & paste onto your page and you're ready to go. Guest Gear has added a number of nifty new features to their service, such as visitors' stats and a form that lets you automatically E-mail everyone who's signed your guestbook. There's also an extensive control panel that offers many features, such as message filtering, profanity checking, etc. Besides English, Guest Gear is also offered in German, Italian and Swedish.
  • A normally reliable service, Guest Gear has been plagued by outages, sometimes lasting several hours, from time to time over the past few months.
  • Note: you're limited to 250 entries in your guestbook here. If you exceed that limit, older entries will be deleted (although you can save your entries as a database file to your hard drive at any time).