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Free Site Monitoring Services

If you are trying to build traffic on your Web site, it is essential that your site be problem-free and available at all times. In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at free services that monitor your Web site around the clock and alert you if any problems or downtime is detected. Go here if you're looking for free services that measure your site traffic.


This handy service monitors your Web site every 5 minutes, around the clock, and notifies you if your server goes down. The basic service is free.


This service monitors your Web site around the clock and alerts you via E-mail if your site encounters downtime and becomes inaccessible. InternetSeer's basic "Standard Service" is free and allows you the monitoring of one URL per hour.


This easy-to-use free Web site monitoring service checks your Web site every 30 minutes and sends you an E-mail alert if your site goes down (and another E-mail when your site is again available). Montastic can also verify the presence of specific Web page content.


This is a handy Web site that does one thing and does it well. Have you ever been unable to access a site and wondered if it was just your own connection, or if the site was down for everyone? This site lets you find out if the problem is on your end (or on the site's end).


(Note: this service is no longer free, but a free 90-day trial is available). This handy online tool checks the status of your site hourly, 24 hours a day. It also offers a helpful "second opinion" system to reduce the number of potential false alarms.