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Free Site Promotion Services

In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at various free services on the Web that can help you promote your site and bring in more visitors. These include free ad exchanges, sitemap generators, link popularity checker tools, and free services that help you quickly submit your site to the various search engines out there, often by simply filling out one form. For more Webmaster-related freebies, go here.


This is a useful free service if you have a Web site or blog that you're trying to promote. WhatsMySerp.com lets you check your Google position ranking for multiple keywords. It's a handy SEO tool for those who are trying to rank Web sites, blogs, etc.

Search Engine Rankings

Are you curious about how your Web site fares in the search engines? This helpful free tool offers instant, online reports of site rankings in seven top search engines, including Google, Yahoo, AOL Search, MSN, AlltheWeb and more.