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Misc. Webmaster Freebies

In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at various miscellaneous free services and products on the Web that can enhance your Web site. For more Webmaster freebies, go here.

Free Broken Link Checker

Dead links on your Web site can damage your site's ranking and your visitor experience. This handy free service crawls through your site and identifies broken links for you to correct. Two free services are available here: "Site Checker" (which checks for broken links on one site) and "Multi-Site Checker" (which checks for broken links on multiple sites).

Free Website Tools

This directory offers a useful collection of free online tools, programs and services. The resources are particularly useful for Web site developers. Here, you'll find everything from graphics tools to file converters to marketing tools to programs that can improve the quality of your site. There's also a collection of royalty-free music sites, social media resources, business tools, and more.

Instant Domain Name Search

Looking for a new domain for your site? This free online tool instantly checks, in real-time, as you type, whether a domain is available for registration. The service checks all domain extensions (such as .com, .co.uk, ca., .net, etc.).


With this fantastic, free service, you can easily add a local search engine to your Web site, thus making it far more appealing and useful to your visitors. You can add search capabilities to your site, without CGIs or server modifications. Visitors to your site will see a search entry form that looks like part of your site, because it can be customized with your own background and logo.

AdWords Wrapper

Do you use the Google AdWords system? AdWords Wrapper is a free, time-saving tool that helps you convert and manage keyword phrases for use in Google AdWords campaigns.

Dr. Watson

This is a free service that not only checks for coding errors on your Web page, it also checks for that great bane of Web authoring: broken links.