's media appearances and recognition:

On Oct. 12, 2018, was featured on in a feature article by Lauren Keys called, "4 Lessons on Driving Traffic & Brand Promotion From a 20-Year Legacy of Freebies on"
On Sept. 7, 2017, was featured on RewardExpert in a feature article by Angela Rose called, "Discover Free Samples and Services at"
On March 26, 2017, was featured on in a feature article by Brittney Mayer called, "20 Years of Credibility: Provides Users with the Web's Best 100% Free Offers."
On Nov. 9, 2016, was featured in a "Cool Site" feature article on, the Web site of the nationally broadcast radio program, "The Kim Komando Show," hosted by Kim Komando, "America's Digital Goddess."

Here's what the article, by Kelli Uhrich, had to say:
Has this ever happened to you before? You've been shopping for an item on your wish list and it's a product you've never tried before. Finally, you take the plunge and add the item to your shopping cart. A few days later, your new item arrives. You tear open the box and instantly start using the product. The only problem is, it's a disappointment. Not many things are worse than that experience, especially when the item you purchased was expensive. As frustrating as that is, it can be avoided if you try a sample of the product first. And receiving free samples is actually quite simple. All you need is a site called This website offers free samples for everything from doughnuts to pain relief cream to books, and everything in between. We even found a free eye exam! is one of the top places on the web where you can find free stuff. We know, when you hear the word "free" it's easy to wonder if there's a catch. But the good news is, in this case, there isn't one. Basically, companies want you to try their products. What they're hoping is that you'll try these samples, fall in love and become loyal customers. But at least they're giving you the chance to try it out before you buy. To use the site, you don't need to have a special membership or even a login. It's just a helpful resource that shares links to the current offers that are out there. If there's something you're interested in, just click the link and you'll be directed to the details you need to request that offer.
On Sept. 12, 2016, was featured on DealCrunch in a feature article by Lauren Keys.
On Sept. 5, 2013, was featured in an ABC Action News story by Jason Mooradian called, "The Buy-It-Guy: Free Sample Websites."
On March 12, 2013, was featured in a Woman's Day article by Stephanie Emma Pfeffer called, "10 Things You Should Never Pay For. Discover fun and practical things you can get for absolutely free."

On Oct. 7, 2012, was featured in a Yahoo! Finance article by Stacy Johnson called, "21 Things You Should Always Try to Get for Free."< br>
On Aug. 30, 2010, was featured in a MoneyTalksNews article by Donna Gehrke-White called, "12 Things People Buy They Could Get Free."

On Oct. 11, 2009, was featured on the CBS Sunday Morning broadcast program, in a segment about Web freebies.

On June 6, 2009, was featured in an article on Here is what they had to say:
Where Can You Find The Most Freebies? This Website Can't Be Beat!
I found a great website today where you can find the biggest list of freebies anywhere on the Internet! OK, I don't know that for sure, but is definitely a top-notch freebie list site if I ever saw one!
I was only on this freebie website for a couple of minutes before I signed up for a free subscription to two trade publications. However, with any freebie website, you have to know that FREE sometimes means filling out two or three surveys, fulfilling partner offers, giving up rights to your first born, yada, yada, yada.
Seriously though, if you take the time to go through the different freebie websites advertised on, you will find not only freebies in possibly every category known to man, but information on where to get free samples, coupons, giveaways, and resources (I know that sounds strange, but I found a couple great places to advertise this blog for free). You pretty much just have to check it out for yourself.
Be warned is just a portal that can and will lead you into another world that is hard to escape. So if you have house cleaning to do, a car to fix, a daughter's ballet recital to go may want to visit this website at another time when you aren't so busy and have time (like hours) to kill.
That's pretty much it for today. I think pretty much speaks for itself. Have fun checking it out! was featured on an NBC News broadcast called "Bring On The Freebies" on April 5, 2009:

On April 5, 2009, was featured in an NBC News segment about Internet freebies that was broadcast in many local markets across the nation. was featured on NBC News in San Diego on Nov. 3, 2008:

On Nov. 3, 2008, was featured in a segment about freebies on NBC News in San Diego.
On Aug. 10, 2008, was featured in a article called "Ten ways to beat the crunch and live for free: Giveaway websites and communities where you barter for goods and services can save you a fortune," by Jennifer Hill, in the British TimesOnline site. was featured on NBC's "The Today Show" on Jan. 29, 2008:

On Jan. 29, 2008, was featured in a segment about freebies on The Today Show on NBC. was featured in a broadcast segment on CNN, "Five Tips" by Gerri Willis on June 14, 2006. Willis' piece was titled, "Cut your costs. With inflation ticking higher, here are ways to save." Here is what Willis had to say about let's talk about the goodies. The Web has a lot of new product offerings from companies that are all too willing to have you test their products out. Go online to On this site you'll get a list of free product samples and offerings on the Web. was featured in a segment called "How to get free stuff off the Internet," by Richelle Carey, broadcast by TV station KMOV in St. Louis, Mo. on Nov. 3, 2005. was featured in the book, "Free Software For Dummies," by Mary Leete, published on July 8, 2005. was featured in the book, "E-Learning Solutions on a Shoestring: Help for the Chronically Underfunded Trainer," by Jane Bozarth, published by Pfeiffer on Aug. 24, 2005. was featured in the book, "The 2-Second Commute," by Christine Durst and Michael Haaren, published by Career Press in July 2005.

On June 27, 2005, was featured in "Entrepreneur" magazine's article, "12 Free Tools for Online Businesses," by Derek Gehl. Here is what Gehl had to say:
You got contains free stuff! And lots of it!
Although not everything on this site is E-business related, you'll find plenty that is. Probably the most useful section for E-businesses is the "Webmaster" section. Here you'll find the "Internet Seer" site monitoring tool that provides downtime alerts so you don't lose valuable customers.
You'll also find: Tools to help you check your keywords and your link popularity. Suggested methods of winning awards for your site. Scripts, banners and polls. Guestbooks, message boards and more. also lists free technical support and online tutorials; free personal management tools; plenty of Java script resources; free fonts, clipart, graphics, icons, and buttons; plus much, much more. was featured in the book, "Start Your own E-Business," by Jacquelyn Lynn, published by Entrepreneur Press on March 14, 2005. was featured in a segment broadcast by FOX Chicago TV station on Feb. 16, 2005.'s "Free Software/Anti-Virus Freeware" section was mentioned in the book, "PC Magazine: Fighting Spyware, Viruses, and Malware," by Ed Tittel, published by John Wiley & Sons on Dec. 31, 2004. was featured in the book, "The Billboard Illustrated Home Recording Handbook," published by Billboard Books on Dec. 30, 2004. was featured in the book, "PC Magazine Windows XP Speed Solutions," by Curt Simmons, published by John Wiley & Sons on Oct. 22, 2004.

On Sept. 12, 2004, was featured in "USA Weekend" magazine, in the "Where on the Web" column by Christina Wood. Here is what Wood had to say:
The Sample Life
I love staying in hotels. I never have to make the bed, and I can pocket the mini-shampoo and lotion bottles with impunity. So I was thrilled to discover I could fill my toiletry kit with sample-sized goodies without leaving home.
I start at, because its creator, Marc McDonald, has culled through the many so-called free offers and compiled a list of things that are truly free -- those with no excessive shipping charges or other hidden costs. There are lots of free screensavers, software, clip art and other downloadables. But my favorites are the free samples of toothpaste, shampoo and lotions that come in the mail. There are even samples of aspirin and other medications.
I also check the sites of brands I like. Often they'll let you try new products just for giving up some pertinent information, such as your sex and age, plus your skin type or how often you use lotion. At Procter & Gamble (, for example, click on "Samples, Offers and Sweepstakes" to see what the current offer is. Or click on "Free Sample" at St. Joseph's (, tell them about yourself and fill out a survey to get an aspirin sample. If you're lucky (and you really know your Jelly Belly candies), you can get free candy by taking a flavor quiz at
But be careful. "I advise people to use common sense and caution when seeking freebies," says's McDonald. "The word 'free' is highly abused on the Web." Be wary of anything that asks for a credit card number or any other inappropriate information. You might be required to fill out a survey, but don't offer too much personal information. And before you sign up for anything, get a free e-mail address from or so your regular address won't get pelted with spam.
Web's Greatest Hits 2005 edition was featured in the book "The Web's Greatest Hits: Your One-Stop Guide to the Best Sites on the Internet," by Lynie Arden, published in October 2004 by Barnes & Noble Books.

KYW Radio image
On Nov. 23, 2004, was featured on Philadelphia's KYW NewsRadio 1060's "Web Picks Report" broadcast. Here's what they had to say: Consider this the free lunch menu of the Internet.
Simply put, is the place to go to find free stuff.
From graphics and fonts to web space and e-mail services, is a frugal surfer�s dream come true. Best of all, there are also links to free technical support if you run into trouble installing all your free stuff.

On Sept. 6, 2004, was featured in an article in the "Charlotte Observer"newspaper. Here is what they had to say:
Find Freebies on the Web
What's free on the Web? Plenty, if you know where to look.
Now that the Web economy is beginning to bounce back, the freebies are returning. This site,, catalogs the offerings, which include samples of manufacturers' products.
Categories at include business freebies, office supplies, household items, kids freebies, free fonts, online games, freeware games, mobile phone freebies, free postcards, free samples, seasonal freebies, free Web space and more. was featured in the book, "Successful Business Planning in 30 Days: A Step-By-Step Guide for Writing a Business Plan and Starting Your Own Business," by Peter J. Patsula, published by Patsula Media in September 2004.

On Aug. 30, 2004, was featured in the Ventura County Star newspaper. Here is what they had to say:
There is Still Plenty of Free Stuff to be Found Online
By Dave Peyton, Tribune Media Services
What's free on the Web?
Plenty, if you know where to look.
Before the Great Dot Com Crash of the late 1990s, there were freebies galore. Some were almost too good to be true. In those pre-crash days, a few sites even offered free computers. When the crash came, many of the mind-boggling offers disappeared, and companies cut back on what they offered.
Now that the Web economy is beginning to bounce back and the Internet is becoming an integral part of American life, the freebies are returning. And while they might not be as incredible as those in the Web's early days, you can still find offers that are worth your time.
The question is where to begin. The answer is a Web site that catalogs freebies available on the Internet. It's
Marc McDonald is the creator and owner of and does perhaps the best job on the Net of seeking out the best and most reliable Web sites that offer free products and services.
McDonald notes that the folks who are giving away freebies on the Web are not doing it "out of the goodness of their hearts." And that's something you should remember as you go in search of free stuff. "By and large, freebie providers are looking to draw you to their site to drum up business, so they can sell you something else," he says in his Web site commentary. "Having said that, there are an enormous number of great freebies out there for the taking. So just be careful and use common sense, and you'll be OK."
Manufacturers offer samples of their products on scores of Web sites. Other Web sites offer you freebies in exchange for your e-mail address. The reason is obvious. E-mail addresses are worth their weight in gold. Those with goods and services to sell use them to send spam e-mail to thousands, if not millions. So let this be a warning. If you provide up your e-mail address in exchange for a freebie, be ready to receive more spam. In fact, it might be a good idea to establish an e-mail account that you use only for the purpose of getting freebies. That way, all the spam advertising will go to that e-mail address.
McDonald lists freebie sites by categories. There are sites offering business freebies such as office supplies, books and job searches. Family freebies include household items and kids' freebies.
Did you know there are still a few places on the Net where you can get free or low cost dial-up access to the Internet? gives you an overview of the sites where you can save money on your Internet access as well as places on the Web where you can get free Web sites.
And if you can't find what you're looking for on, McDonald offers links to other sites that list freebies galore.

On Sept. 3, 2004, was featured in an article about freebies in the Ocala Star-Banner newspaper in Florida.

On May 6, 2004, was reviewed by Catherine Schwartz on TechTV's "Call for Help" broadcast program. was featured in the book, "Handbook of Home Health Care Administration," by Marilyn D. Harris, published by Jones & Bartlett Publishers in May 2004. was featured in the book, "Art That Pays: The Emerging Artist's Guide to Making a Living," by Adele Slaugther and Jeff Kober, published in February 2004.

Kim Komando
On Nov. 21, 2003, was featured on the nationally broadcast radio program, "The Kim Komando Show," and also selected as a "Kool Site."

Call for Help on Tech TV
On Nov. 17, 2003, was reviewed by Catherine Schwartz on TechTV's "Call for Help" program. The show was re-broadcast on Nov. 18, 22 and 28.

Easy Computer for Seniors book image was featured in the book, "Easy Computing for Seniors: A Step-By-Step Handbook from Start-Up to Shut-Down," by Frank K. Wood. The book was published in December 2003 by FC&A Publishing.

Fox 13 broadcast
On Nov. 13, 2003, was featured as "Cyber Steve's Web Site of the Day" on Fox 13's "News Live at 11." was featured in the book "The Web's Greatest Hits 2004," by Lynie Arden, published in October 2003 by Barnes & Noble Books.

On Oct. 10, 2003, was featured on News24, the South African news channel. News24 had this to say about "We all want something free, but we also know you seldom get something for nothing. When the Net was in its infancy, there were many free sites and services. Since then, many of those have disappeared. But you can still get free stuff on the Net---lots of it, in fact. You just have to know where to look. Which is where a site like comes in. It shows you where to find 'the Web's Best Freebies'"

Internet Magazine
In Sept. 2003, was featured in an article called "100 Sites that will Change Your Life" in "Internet Magazine." The magazine had this to say about the roundup of Web sites that were featured in the article: "Some sites are cool, some sites are fun, and some sites are rubbish. But some sites are so useful they'll change your life forever."

Computer Shopper mag aug 03 was featured in the Sept. 2003 issue of "Computer Shopper" magazine.

The Times
On Aug. 11, 2003, was featured in the London, England newspaper, "The Times."

In July 2003, was featured in an article called "100 Ways to Save," in "Woman's Day" magazine.

On July 1, 2003, was featured in an article called "Shoppers Buy Into Free Stuff" in the Wired News news service.

On July 21, 2003, was featured in an article by Shawn "Speedy" Lopes in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin newspaper. Here's what he had to say:
The worst thing about receiving free stuff online is that it's usually an enticement to receive other goods, mostly junk e-mail from desperate Web sites. The great thing about is it also offers ways to thwart those crafty spam factories while allowing one to keep loads of free goodies coming in. All at no charge, of course.
Besides free products, features links to free tools like MailWasher, which allows its user to bounce e-mails back to spammers as if his or her address no longer exists; KPKFile, a privacy management tool; NetBrute Scanner, which seeks out security holes in your computer; and Ad-aware, a program which guards against spyware. There's also Anonymizer and IDzap, which allow you to surf the web anonymously without leaving a trail of personal information all over cyberspace. Other services, such as ZipLip and Hush Mail keep your e-mails confidential. also will direct you to free avatars (, online games (,,, prank programs (, and jokes ( While a good number of the freebies found here are computer-related, including free screen savers, software, online chat services and Internet access, they are by no means restricted to the virtual variety. was featured in the book "Marketing Management," by Russell S. Winer, published by Pearson Education in May 2003.

On March 10, 2003, was featured on the TechTV program, "The Screen Savers" also received TechTV's "Site of the Nite" award.

On Feb. 17, 2003,'s creator, Marc McDonald, was interviewed about the topic of Web freebies by reporter Tina Kim on the WB17 "News at 10" broadcast in Philadelphia. Below, you can view this interview (in two parts):

Part One of WB17 Interview:

Part Two of WB17 Interview:

In Sept. 2002, was featured in the book, "The Best of the Internet" (2003 Edition) by Joe Kraynak.

In July 2002, was featured in the book, "1001 Computer Hints & Tips," published by Reader's Digest.

Adding Wisdom Award
In Jan. 2002, received the Parent to Parent's "Adding Wisdom" Award

Web Tools
In Jan. 2002, was featured in "Web Tools" magazine.

On Dec. 29, 2001, was featured as's "Family Site of the Day."

USA Weekend magazine

On Aug. 12, 2001, was featured in the print edition of USA Weekend magazine.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

On July 16, 2001,'s creator, Marc McDonald, was profiled in a feature story in the print version of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper.

In September, 2001, was featured in the print edition of Smart Computing Guide to Web Freebies magazine. Here's what they had to say about
" is the place to go for free stuff, including, but not limited to, free elements for your Web pages. You'll find sections for free graphics, sounds, scripts, and miscellaneous Webmaster tools and resources. With those sections are comprehensive lists of links to different services. There really is no better place to start your search."

On April 19, 2000, was featured on ZDTV's broadcast of "Internet Tonight." On Sept. 28, 1999, was featured on ZDTV's broadcast of the program, The Money Machine.

Oasis radio station

On Oct. 16, 2001, was featured on the morning broadcast of The Oasis 107.5 in Dallas, Texas.

On March 19, 2001,'s creator, Marc McDonald, was interviewed about the topic of freebies by Frank Barnako for his nationally syndicated "Internet Daily" broadcast on CBS radio.

Yahoo Internet Life magazine was featured in the May, 2000, print edition of Yahoo! Internet Life magazine.

Computer Shopper
On Sept. 15, 1999, was featured in both the print and online versions of Computer Shopper magazine.

Cool Site of the Day
On March 29, 1999, was named Cool Site of the Day. Visitors' votes averaged 8.539, (on a 1-to-10 scale). Only three sites have recorded a higher rating since voting began in Nov. 1997. was featured in the March 1, 2000, computer column, "Between the Lines," by Geoff Long in the Bangkok Post. Here's what he had to say:
After mentioning the mailman program last week, it was a bit of a worry to read on the site that the program was due to expire in a few days. In fact, unless someone at the Thai user group site where it was hosted has paid for a registered version already, it was due to expire today. The worry is that a few of us here at the Bangkok Post were getting to like it, as it allows us to check our pop email accounts through the web (a firewall on the network prevents anyone from checking outside accounts via a normal email reader).
So there I was looking for alternative programs (you can be sure if one such program exists on the Net there'll be many others) when I stumbled across a site that gives you more than just free email programs. It gives you free everything. Many may already know about this site, but for me it was a first. It's called and you don't have to be a genius to work out that it specialises in offering free stuff. But what a collection. It's got everything: free software, fonts, graphics, games, java utilities, postcards, prank freebies, free sounds, screensavers, and webmaster freebies just for starters. Dig a little deeper and there's every imaginable category of free stuff that it's possible to get. It wasn't free for me, though, because by the time I'd finished browsing I'd wracked up a substantial bill with my ISP, but it was worth it.
While I was there I came across a note from the site's owner, Marc McDonald, suggesting that if anyone from the media had questions he would be happy to answer them. So I took him up on his offer late one night and lo and behold there was a response by the time I'd woken up the next day. I'm not an early-riser but I'd still say it's a good sign of a site that's well maintained.
It turns out old McDonald's freebie web farm has been around for three years. To start with, he put up a simple, one-page site that basically collected a lot of the free stuff that is scattered all over the web, but only as a hobby. "I never dreamed that the site would eventually take off, traffic-wise, and would even enable me to quit the day job," he writes. Anyone who's seen the site will immediately gather that's it's not a casual undertaking. Such a vast collection requires a lot of hard work. Then there's added extras such as a regular newsletter, feature articles, and reports of all the new freebies that are coming out. Surprisingly, McDonald does everything himself, spending anywhere from eight to 12 hours a day maintaining the site. But on the plus side, he reports that many people are aware of the site and help out by notifying him of new stuff via email. "Back in the 'old days' I had to go out and trudge around the web for endless hours, spending a lot of time collecting freebie content on my own. Now, I get several hundred freebies submitted to me each day," he says, adding that he still makes a point to go out on the web regularly to find the latest essential free stuff available.
Another thing that impressed me about it is the reviews of all the different offerings. Unlike some download sites, which have text that looks like it came straight from a marketing brochure, the FreeSiteCom has warts-and-all descriptions of the programs, including any drawbacks they might have and other useful tips. McDonald says that he checks out everything listed and writes the reviews himself. Other sites could do with the same quality contol, he points out. "I see a lot of sites out there that have great graphics, nice layouts, plenty of eye candy, etc. But the writing quality is often poor. Ultimately, the reason people use the web is to find information. Too many webmasters go overboard with eye candy and they don't give their visitors a compelling reason to bookmark their sites."
I guess a question that he's been asked many times before is can you make money from doing a free site? So naturally I asked the same question. Apparently you can (otherwise it would have been stupid to give up his day job), but not before paying your dues. "You need to spend at least a year building an audience," he advises. "Too many webmasters rush onto the Net, with their first priority being to make money. It doesn't work that way; you've got to build traffic first before you even think about making money."
So what does a guy who's seen it all think is the best free offering out there? I was pleasantly surprised to hear that an all-time favourite of his is also a program I would have trouble doing without, and that's the Eudora Lite email program. Other stuff that he likes is something called Organic Art, a screensaver utility, while he's also a fan of free product samples. "Virtually every day, I get something in the mail (free aspirin, free posters, free mousepads). I have an entire closet full of various free goodies!" There's even a Free Samples section on the web site, so if you'd like to start collecting this stuff, it could be a good place to start.

Intenet Magazine was featured in the May, 1999 issue of Internet Magazine (along with a screen shot of our welcome page).

KMSP News 9 was featured on the April 8, 1999 broadcast of KMSP-TV's Minnesota Nine News. Here's what they had to say:
It's "no charge" at Many Web sites offer freebies. But this one is very organized which makes it easy to go through. Some of the offerings: screensavers, games of all kinds, coupons and products to test out. Spend some time on the site and you're sure to find something useful.

CNN Headline News
On Aug. 11, Sept. 11, Nov. 3, 1998 and Jan. 1, Jan. 8 and May 5, 1999, was featured on CNN Headline News.
............................................................... featured on CNN Headline News:

Netscape: What's Cool was featured in Netscape Netcenter's What's Cool, feature on Oct. 26, 1998. They awarded our content a "9," (out of a possible 10 score).

Web Guide Monthly was featured in the Sept. 1998 print edition of Worldwide Web Guide Monthly magazine.

Dotto on Data
On July 19,'s creator, Marc McDonald, was interviewed on the weekly computer radio program, Dotto on Data, hosted by Steve Dotto.

Net Life was reviewed in the July/August issue of Net Life magazine. Here's what they had to say:
``People see the word "free" and go beserk. Their behavior is no different at this site---except that here, the stuff they're lusting after isn't just free: it's good. is a perennial people's choice and has won awards from hipsters at Mr. Media to the Jerusalem Post, proving everyone loves a bargain. is always current and full of new stuff being given away: it's updated daily and you can get a weekly E-mail newsletter about the latest additions."

Times of India
On Jan. 13, 1999, was featured in the Times of India newspaper.

Yahoo Surf Guru
On April 20, 1998, was featured in Yahoo! Internet Life's "Surf Guru" column.
Here's what the Guru had to say:
The Mother of all free sites is, well, Surfing to feels a little like being locked inside Macy's with the security cameras turned off -- everything's you can lay your grubby paws on is yours for the taking, grabbing, and clutching. By my count there were over 22 free font sources (don't miss Fontasia or Font Mania), 30 counters (my choice: IPStat, which will tell you how many "Hits for the last 21 days," "Hit per Country," "Hits per Hour," "Total Hits per Week Day," or even "Hits per Browser" you received), and a dozen guestbooks/registers. But all work and no play makes jack a dull surfer, so don't forget to take a minute (well, you'll probably spend an hour) and check out the free games and screen savers (don't miss "Sheep vs. Gravity" -fun with physics!).

BBC News 24
On March 31, 1998, was featured on BBC-TV's News 24 broadcast.

Top 50 Sites that Download Quickly is featured in "Top 50 Web Sites That Download Quickly"

The .net magazine was featured (complete with a screen shot of our main page) on page 100 of the May, 1998 print edition of .net magazine. We were also reviewed in their August, 1998 issue. Here's what they had to say:
`` is an essential bookmark. You want free stuff? shovels it to you in the biggest, fattest spades. If you can't find the free thing you want, then you're not looking hard enough. has it all. Free of charge.''

On June 8, 1998, was given a top level rating by Cool Freebie Links, a site that rates various free stuff sites on the Web.

Fred Langa's HotSpot
On March 4, 1998, was featured as Fred Langa's HotSpot, a feature of Windows Magazine.

Internet Day
On March 2, 1998, was featured in Internet Day, an E-mail newsletter.

WEB magazine
On Feb. 18, 1998, was featured in The WEB Magazine's online edition.
Here's what they had to say about us:
We all gravitate toward storefronts and ads that wave the word free before our eyes. The challenge lies in finding said freebies on the muddled network that is the Internet. This new hub takes over the initial legwork, categorizing and presenting a sampling of the diverse offerings available. Most of the categories are computer-related (screen savers, fonts, banners, Java, and so on), but you'll also find contests, games, and digital postcards. Log on and start raking in the goods.

Internet News
On April 10, 1998, was featured on Internet News with Charles Bowen. Here's what Charles had to say about
Conventional wisdom tells us there's no free lunch. But that doesn't mean there aren't free screen savers, free computer games and free software tools you can use on your web site. You just have to know where to look. I'm Charles Bowen with the Internet News. Today's report: The great It is the ultimate collection of Net freebies. More than two dozen icons on this page link to free digital postcards, games and contests, screen savers and fonts for your printer. It is especially interesting if you run your own web page, because this site has the latest news about free web tools, like banner-makers, Java animations, counters and graphics. No, we still don't have a free lunch, but stay in touch. When we do, these guys probably will be the first hear about it!

Yahoo! Internet Life was featured in Yahoo Internet Life's Charts: A Guide to the Best of the Best for the week of April 14. was featured in the June 1998 issue of Home Office Computing magazine.

This wasn't an award, but we were still happy to receive this letter on July 15:
Thanks to finding your site, I won a $5000 stock portfolio from Microsoft
and Charles Schwab. Thanks for the great work you have put in to your site!

Deana Bishop

On 2-1-98, we
were awarded:
Internet Cool Site of the Day
On 2-6-98, we
were awarded:
Internet Top Ten
On 2-13-98, we
were awarded:
New WebToday Destination
On 2-14-98, we
were awarded:
Jayde Gold Diamond Winner
On 7-7-97, we
were awarded a spot on:
We're listed on HotSheet!
On 1-30-98, we
were awarded:
Family Site of the Day
On 8-18-97, we
were awarded:
USA Today Hot Site
On 7-24-97, we
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Los Angeles Times
On 11-11-97, we
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Pass the Shareware!
On 8-27-97, we
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On 8-4-97, we
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Picked by Cyber Teddy!
On 8-18-97, we
were awarded:
Mr. Media's Site of the Week
On 6-30-97, we
were awarded:
Cool Site of the Nite Award
On 6-30-97,
we were awarded:

On 7-5-97,
we were awarded:

On 7-25-97, we
were awarded:
Cybersmith hot site
On 5-23-97, we
were awarded:

Smart Computing was reviewed in the print edition of Smart Computing for May, 1998.

Family Site of the Day

On Jan. 30, 1998 we were reviewed by World Village's Family Site of the Day. Here's what they had to say:
In the town I live, there is a gentleman who has been doing business for as long as I remember. I first heard of him when he sponsored the local pro wrestling program on Saturday nights. Mention his name to anyone in Portland, and they can describe any of several promos that he used that have become local legend. His name is Tom Peterson, and, while he is not the subject of today's Famsite, one of his concepts is. His best-remembered slogan was (and still is) "Free is a very good price". And you have to admit, it really is.
The site we are stopping at today is one that has free written all over it. In fact, it is called At this stop in cyberspace, one can get any and all kinds of free things off the Internet. Everything from free software, to free screensavers, to free WebPages, it is all here. I didn't realize just how much stuff there was out there, let alone how much of it was free. For example, the page on Free Webcounters has over 20 of them, with descriptions and links to them for downloading. Needless to say, this is a site worth bookmarking in your browser.
If you have a few minutes to kill, stop by But be prepared to spend more than just a few minutes, more like a few hours. It will be worth the trip. And remember; free is a very good price.

PC Player review

In May, 1998, was reviewed by the German magazine PC Player.

Jerusalem Post

On Jan. 5, 1998 we were reviewed by Jeff Abramowitz of The Jerusalem Post. Here's what he had to say:
We've all experienced the dilemma that comes with the end-of-season sale at a top department store. We don't really need, nor want, anything on offer, but what the heck, at those prices how can we afford not to splurge. The Web is a lot like that, except that instead of end-of-season sales, we're confronted with all sorts of free stuff waiting for us to download and then go crazy trying to figure out what to do with it.
There are, as has been pointed out repeatedly in this column, plenty of free download sites scattered all over the place, but most of them deal with a specific type of software or program - screensavers, wallpaper, etc. ( goes one better, collating all, or most of the freebies on offer into one super site. It is all neatly arranged and tempting to the point of avarice - screensavers, E-mail programs, software freebies, even free Web pages.
Browsing this page is like being given unlimited access to a huge warehouse of goodies - considering the date I visited, I thought, for one delightful moment, that Christmas had come early.

Arkansas Democrat Gazette

On Dec. 9, 1997 we were reviewed by Jeff Porter of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette Here's what they had to say:
Speaking of gifts, here's an early present for faithful column readers -- a site that just keeps on giving all year.
Internet users want information, software and all kinds of stuff to be free, available with just a mouse-click or two.
If this sounds familiar, then this World Wide Web site is the place for you. ( leads visitors to links for all kinds of freebies.
The list is long, including free computer-related stuff; prizes, cash and contests; and product samples. Be forewarned: With a list this large, some of this free stuff is bound to be cool. But some of it will also be worth exactly what you paid for it. You should also be aware that when you fill out a form to send off for free stuff, you're probably putting yourself on somebody's junk mail list. Just don't hold me responsible.
I checked out the free screensavers and downloaded one that makes it appear as if your computer screen is burning. The list of free software contains entries that should appeal to almost any computer user. There's Alice, a 3D graphics program for novices; and Spammer Slammer, a piece of software that allows you to do battle against junk e-mail.
Then there's Dipstick. "If you download a lot of files," say the Dr. Webster people, whoever they are, "you really need this essential freeware utility. Among other things, Dipstick will query various mirror sites and tell you which will give the you the fastest download."
There are a couple of freebie e-mail programs that are better than the one that came with your Web browser, a pair of notepad-type programs and a videoconferencing program, among many, many others.
The list of miscellaneous freebies on the Web is designed mainly to appeal to computer users. Internet surfers who use Microsoft Internet Explorer can click on the link for WinTune 98, a service that allows users to test their computers' performance by simply clicking through a series of Web pages. If WinTune detects serious configuration or performance problems, it will describe the problem for you.
Jurassic Punk looks interesting, too. It's a giant database of free video clips, movie trailers, film clips and animation videos. "This massive, hugely popular site offers clips from every significant silver screen release," says Dr. Webster. Users can download clips and play them with a free screensaver utility.
If you're into more serious pursuits, check out the link for free software training courses, offering downloads of more than 25 computer training courses containing more than 3,500 pages of material. Study operating systems, popular business applications and more. The courses range from simple to rocket science.
The site isn't only for free computer stuff, though. One of the longest lists of links is in the area for free product samples. And what a list -- everything from free Metamucil to free condoms. Surely you wouldn't order the free golf video and use it for a Christmas gift -- or would you?
Speaking of Christmas, you can check out a list of holiday freebies on this site. There's a site where children can post a wish list for Santa Claus to see. There are sites for Christmas trivia, holiday clip art, recipes, graphics ... you get the idea.
You can even give this site your e-mail address and receive free updates on freebies. As Dr. Webster says, ain't the Web wonderful?

On Jan. 20, 1998, we were reviewed by ADN in France.

On Dec. 9, 1997 we were reviewed by the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald Here's what they had to say:
Sydney Morning Herald
( is like a mega Net Resources, all in one place on the Web. For the Web site developer or heavy user, the links to places that offer free stuff is a boon. If you think Big Brother is watching, check out the anonymous services. Or find out where you can get a free Web site, then put a free counter on it.

On Dec. 1, 1997 we were picked as a WebSideStory's Pick of the Week. Here's what they had to say:
In the interest of keeping the Internet FREE, this site has pulled together the best in FREE services for we Netizens. Free web pages, free email, free banners, free counters (like the HitBOX!), free fonts, forms and more. This is the FREE-EST of all TheFreeSite.coms that we've seen out there. Check it out. You can find this site and others like it on our FREE site under the "Information" category. Did we mention that it's FREE?

On Dec. 15, we were reviewed by ZDNet in China. Here's what they had to say: (translation courtesy of my Singapore buddy, Chow Chee Hao, who runs the excellent Awards Jungle:)
What's on the Net that makes people excited? Free Stuffs! Such as free E-mail services, free fonts, free pictures, free Java, free software.... If there is a site on the Internet that centralizes all free stuffs on the Net, will you have to spend a whole night surfing again? Whether the stuffs are sufficient, whether they are excellent, visit the site yourself and you will know."

What's Hot
On Feb. 24, 1998, was awarded the Earthlink What's Hot award.
"Lots of things in life are free -- you just have to know where to look for them. That's where can help. The site offers links to places on the Web where you can get free stuff. Games, product samples, Web software, and other freebies are just a few clicks away."

On Feb. 28, 1998, was awarded the 23A Award.
Here's what they had to say:
There are dozens of "free stuff" sites on the Web. This is the cream of the crop. More than 20 categories of "freebies" -- from counters to coupons -- all with nicely annotated listings. Plus you get a large selection of links to other "free stuff" sites. Well organized, nicely designed, and kept up to date. A tremendous resource for cheap-os like us.

Internet Tourbus
On Sept. 16, 1997, we were featured in the Internet Tourbus newsletter. If you haven't checked out the Tourbus, you should subscribe. (It's free) The Tourbus is full of essential Net news and info and has 80,000 subscribers. Here's what Bob Rankin had to say about us: ``This is a non-commercial "free stuff" site geared toward Webmasters and Web site owners. It focuses on free products and services that HTML slingers can use to get the most out of their site, and also offers plenty of goodies for people who don't run Web sites, including free software and product samples.''

The Dutch Webzine, Computer Planet recently reviewed Here's what they had to say (I hope it was nice!): ``Op het Internet zijn heel veel gratis dingen te vinden, bijvoorbeeld om een webpagina aantrekkelijker te maken of om anoniem te surfen. Maar de zoektocht is lang en frustrerend, daarom is het zo aardig dat er sites bestaan die dat soort dingen voor ons doen. Een heel uitgebreide site op dit terrein is de Wie een JavaScript zoekt, of een programma om bookmarks te beheren, kan hier terecht.''