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Free Christian pocket book

Fill out the form to request a free copy of "The Beast, Who Will Worship It?" by Gary Gibbs, a 32-page pocket book that "reveals how Satan is now preparing people all over the world to fall for his most powerful last-day delusion--and to accept the mark of the beast." (North America only).

Free Sheet Music

This site, run by volunteers, offers a big collection of free sheet music that you can output on your printer. Artists include Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, and more. The site includes a search engine that lets you browse by artist, or by instrument.

Free pet health exam

Follow the instructions and fill out the form to request a coupon, good for a free pet health exam at your neighborhood VCA Animal Hospital. VCA offers over 750 animal hospitals in 43 U.S. states.

Free Meditation Booklet

Follow the instructions and complete the form to request a free meditation booklet, "Be Still and Know That I am God." Limit: one per person. From the America Needs Fatima campaign. (U.S. residents only).

Free Online Courses

This nonprofit organization offers nearly 100 free and open full-length online courses at the college and professional levels. Courses here are available for career advancement, degree completion, professional development, or for casual learning. The courses provide free digital certificates of completion.

Free PDF editor

This handy free Web application lets you work with PDF files online, without having to download or install any software. Using PDFescape, you can open, read and edit PDF files and create new PDF forms.

Halloween Freebies 2019

Check out TheFreeSite.com's 2019 collection of fun Halloween-themed freebies. In this section, you'll find free Halloween comic books, DIY costume resources, pumpkin patterns, craft projects, coloring pages, stationery, horror movies, freeware, goodies for children, and more.

Free emotional support

Are you going through a challenging time, or just need someone to talk to? This site offers free emotional support via anonymous online text chat with trained volunteer listeners, who are available 24/7.

Free Fatima Miracle of the Sun book

Follow the instructions and fill out the form to request a free copy of "Meet the Witnesses of the Miracle of the Sun Book," a book that offers "the most gripping account ever written about the Fatima miracle of the sun." Limit: one per person. From the America Needs Fatima campaign. (U.S. residents only).

Free fries at BurgerFi

Follow the instructions and sign up with BurgerFi Rewards app and when you register, you can get a free regular fries for your first visit. You'll also get other goodies, such as points, special offers, birthday rewards, and more.

Free ring sizer

Access the "Request ring sizer" link and follow the instructions to request a free plastic ring sizer that lets you "easily measure your ring size at home." From the Brilliant Earth jewelry company. (U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia only).

Free National Park admission

America's national parks will offer free admission on Nov. 11, 2019 to mark Veterans Day. At this site, you'll find a roundup of the National Park Service's entrance fee-free dates in 2019.

Free L.L. Bean Fall catalog

Complete the form at this site to request a free 160-page Fall catalog from L.L. Bean, a retailer that specializes in apparel and outdoor equipment. Here, you can either get a catalog delivered to you by mail, or you can browse catalogs online. (U.S. and Canada only).

SCORE Free Business Advice

Do you run a small business? SCORE, a nonprofit organization offers free, confidential business advice through a volunteer network of over 10,000 business experts. You can meet with a mentor online (or in person in a chapter near you).

Alfred free personal security system

Do you have an old smartphone you're not using? This free program lets you turn your smartphone into a Web-based home security system. To get started, install Alfred on two phones, sign in with Gmail, and set one phone as the viewer and one as the camera. Alfred has many features, including 24/7 live streaming, motion detection, a low-light filter, and more. (For Android and iPhone).

Del Taco free offer

Scroll down the page to the online form and follow the instructions to sign up for Del Taco's "Raving Fan eClub" to get free food offers and coupons, including two free grilled chicken tacos, as well as a premium shake on your birthday. (U.S. only).

Free audiobooks

Looking for free audiobooks? At this volunteer-driven site, you'll find a collection of over 13,000 public domain audiobooks. The audiobooks here are free for anyone to listen to on their computers or mobile devices (or to burn onto a CD). Most content here is in English, although audiobooks are available in over 30 other languages.

Frugal For Less

This popular site offers loads of useful info about how to save money in your day-to-day life. Here, you'll find tips and advice for cutting costs while dining, grocery shopping, traveling, renting a car, getting a haircut, and much more. There is also a nice roundup on various freebie deals online.

Free Rubio's taco

Follow the instructions to sign up with Rubio's Mexican food restaurant chain "Beach Club" and they'll email you a coupon, good for a free taco, as well as other special offers. Note: you must be over 13 years old to join. (U.S. only).

Free land

Is it possible to get free land in the U.S.? This site offers a list of rural states and counties that are "offering free land to help attract economic activity and businesses." The places listed here offer free land, provided you build a house on the property within a specified time period and meet other conditions. This site offers details about each program, as well as contact info.