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Free E-mail Services (non-U.S.)

In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at the best general-purpose international free E-mail services on the Web. These services are all totally free and are usually supported by advertising. Even if you already have an E-mail account on your home computer, a Web-based E-mail account can be very handy for corresponding when you're on the road.

BOL E-mail

This free service from Brazil offers POP3 support and it supports attachments. You also get multiple domains and the option to create folders.


This is a Chinese-language free E-mail provider.


Here's a reliable E-mail service from the Czech Republic that offers Web-based E-mail, as well as POP E-mail.


This is a free E-mail service from Estonia (and is intended only for Estonian users.)


This is a French service that offers free POP E-mail. (Formerly known as MyGale.com).


Another free E-mail service from France.

Global Message Exchange

Here's a free E-mail service from Germany. Here, you may compose your messages off-line. They have a POP and a SMTP server, so you can use your favorite E-mail program to handle all your E-mail. (No spam allowed).


This is a free Web-based and POP3-based nonprofit E-mail service from Hungary.

Free Mail (from the Netherlands)

FreeMail is een gratis e-mail adres op Internet. Het is gebaseerd op het principe dat de toegankelijkheid eenvoudig moet zijn en mogelijk gemaakt moet worden voor elke computer met een aansluiting op het World Wide Web.


A free Web-based E-mail service from the Philippines. Your E-mail address here will be yourname@pinoymail.com.


Free E-mail service from Romania. Web-based and easy to use. You get a choice of 3 domains.


This is a free E-mail service from Slovakia. They offer many features, including address books, directories, message filtering, POP3 mail, forwarding, signatures and autoresponders.


This is a free advertiser-supported E-mail service for Spanish speakers. Users may choose a permanent E-mail address at one domain (user_name@mixmail.com) that will exist as long as they wish. MixMail accounts will forward and retrieve E-mail messages from multiple POPs to one location. MixMail also features personalized address books and both standard and HTML-coded text.