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E-mail Services (non-U.S.)

In this section, TheFreeSite.com takes a look at the best general-purpose international free E-mail services on the Web. These services are all totally free and are usually supported by advertising. Even if you already have an E-mail account on your home computer, a Web-based E-mail account can be very handy for corresponding when you're on the road.

BOL E-mail

This free service from Brazil offers POP3 support and it supports attachments. You also get multiple domains and the option to create folders.


This is a Chinese-language free E-mail provider.


Here's a reliable E-mail service from the Czech Republic that offers Web-based E-mail, as well as POP E-mail.


This is a free E-mail service from Estonia (and is intended only for Estonian users.)


Another free E-mail service from France.

Global Message Exchange

Here's a free E-mail service from Germany. Here, you may compose your messages off-line. They have a POP and a SMTP server, so you can use your favorite E-mail program to handle all your E-mail. (No spam allowed).


This is a free E-mail service from Slovakia. They offer many features, including address books, directories, message filtering, POP3 mail, forwarding, signatures and autoresponders.