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Question: What is this site's purpose, anyway?
Answer: TheFreeSite.com aims to list all the top free products, services and offers available on the Web. Unless you're brand new to the Net, you likely have discovered the fact that the world of cyberspace is a fantastic place to get free stuff. It's our ongoing mission to round up the all the latest and greatest freebies in one convenient spot.

Question: Hmm, "free stuff." I'm suspicious.
Answer: Actually that's not a bad approach to take, both with our site and any freebie offer you may find on the Web. Although we work hard to make sure all our offers are legitimate, it's always best to remember that people usually don't give away free stuff out of the goodness of their hearts. By and large, freebie providers are looking to draw you to their site to drum up business, so they can sell you something. Having said that, there are an enormous number of worthwhile, legit freebies out there for the taking. So just be careful and use common sense, and you'll be OK. Incidentally, if you sign up for a lot of freebies, you may be targeted by spammers (junk E-mail senders). Be sure to protect yourself against spam. There's a nice, free anti-spam program out there called MailWasher that you may want to check out.

Question: I'm with the media. I'd like to feature you on my Web site or my publication.
Answer: Thank you very much! Just drop me an E-mail or call me at 817-845-4801 and I'll get right back to you, probably the same day. TheFreeSite.com has been featured in many Web site reviews and print publications and I've been interviewed on TV and radio. I'll be glad to help you out in any way I can! (By the way, my name is Marc McDonald and I'm the owner and creator of TheFreeSite.com).

Question: I have a freebie that I'd like for you to list on your site. What do I need to do?
Answer: you'd like us to list you, first of all, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could find a spot on your page to link TheFreeSite.com. TheFreeSite.com is the largest freebie site on the Web. We also list many of our notable new freebies in TheFreeSite.com Newsletter, which has over 180,000 subscribers. So, if we list you, we'll be steering a lot of traffic your way. Therefore, a return link to us is always appreciated. To submit a freebie, please E-mail us and, if you've linked us, mention it.

Question: I really like TheFreeSite.com's offerings and I'd like to list some of your links on my page.
Answer: I work very hard on TheFreeSite.com, researching freebies and writing listings and reviews. Therefore, I don't really appreciate it when people come along and plunder my contents for their own page. We have found a number of sites that have pirated us and we're really spending too much time dealing with these thieves, who really should know better. Of course, as the Web's largest freebies site, our audience is vast and invariably, our visitors alert us to pages that have ripped us off. Just remember, our material is copyrighted. Please do your own research and writing!

Question: I'm new to the Web and have just started up my own home page. Is it OK for me to put a link on my page to TheFreeSite.com?
Answer: Actually, I get asked this question quite a bit. And the answer is: Yes, I'd love it if you would link my site! If you'd like to display my icon link, here's some suggestions on how to do this very easily.

Question: Well, I'm all set and ready to explore TheFreeSite.com What do I need?
Answer: There are several free goodies that you should acquire and learn to use before you set forth on TheFreeSite.com. If you're not a newbie, then you're likely already familiar with these tools. If you're a newbie, you should be aware that many of the software programs we feature come in compressed form (so you can download them faster). If you download a compressed program (and you're using Windows) it likely will have a ZIP extension. To uncompress such programs, you should download a copy of an unzipping or archive program. We offer a roundup of unzipping and archive freeware programs here.

Question: How can I keep up with the latest freebies you offer?
Answer: Well, first of all be sure you bookmark the site, so you can return to it in the future. Please go ahead and do this now, before you forget! First, go to our welcome page. Microsoft Internet Explorer users: click on "Favorites," then "Add to Favorites." The best way to keep up with the latest freebies we offer is to subscribe to our popular free weekly newsletter. Every issue of this free newsletter is jam-packed with great free products, services and samples. This is a totally SPAM-FREE service (as is our entire site) and your E-mail address will be used for nothing but the newsletter. Now, without further ado, ON WITH THE FREEBIES.