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           TheFreeSite.com Newsletter
                  Issue #79
           "All the freebies that fit"

Welcome to the 79th issue of TheFreeSite.com Newsletter! Here,
we take a look at the hottest, most useful free products and free
services on the Net.
This newsletter is produced by TheFreeSite.com, which is located


LATEST NEWS from TheFreeSite.com:

This is our first newsletter issue in quite a while. We've gotten a
lot of cool new freebies listed at TheFreeSite.com. If you use
Twitter, please sign up with TheFreeSite.com's Twitter updates:


2011 has been a great year for the world of freebie offers on the
Web. Every day, we continue to see loads of interesting and useful
free products and services emerge on the Web.

Now, onto the freebies:

(Note: we've divided this newsletter's contents into the following

1. "Useful freebies"
2. "Cool freebies"
3. "Odds & ends"
4. "Free samples"
5. "Webmaster freebies"


>>>> Free Texas travel guide:
Follow the instructions to request a free 264-page "Texas Travel
Guide," that is "jam-packed with information on more than 400 Texas
cities, towns, and attractions." Besides the guide, you'll also
receive a large, colorful state highway map and an accommodations
guide. (U.S., Canada and Mexico only).

Go to:

>>>> Zamzar:
This useful free online service lets you convert a wide variety of
files (without the need to download a software program to do so).
Here, you can convert image formats (such as GIF and JPG files),
document formats, and music and video formats. You can also save and
convert YouTube videos.

Go to:

>>>> iTVmediaPlayer:
This is a free application that lets you connect to over 20,000
worldwide TV channels via your computer (or your regular home TV).
Loads of content is available, including entertainment, sports, news,
movies, radio, and more. The program is Flash-powered and requires a
high-speed Internet connection. (Available for PCs and Mac).

Go to:

>>>> FreeProxyServer.net:
This free anonymous proxy service lets you protect your privacy when
you're online. FreeProxyServer.net allows you to surf anonymously and
masks your IP address. The service also lets you access blocked Web
sites and removes ads from sites.

Go to:


>>>> CellBits.com:
This site offers a fun collection of freebies for your mobile phone.
Here, you'll find original cell phone screen savers, games,
animations, wallpapers and backgrounds, in a variety of popular
resolutions. No registration is required. The site is safe for all

Go to:

>>>> Mahjonged.com:
This site offers an addictive, free 3D version of Mahjong solitaire,
a popular game of tactics and strategy. Here, you can choose from six
tile sets and a variety of different layouts. The site also offers
other mahjong resources, including a rules e-book.

Go to:

>>>> Crackle:
This site serves up full-length movies, TV shows, and original series
that you can watch for free via Flash in your browser. The service is
ad-supported. Genres include action, comedy, horror, sci-fi,
thrillers, and more. The service supports Windows and Mac. (Mostly
U.S. only, although some content is available in Canada, the U.K. and

Go to:


>>>> Free pregnancy wristband:
Expecting mothers can request a free silicone wristband from the free
birth announcement site, BabiesOnline.com. This bracelet can alert
emergency personnel to your pregnancy status if you are not able to
communicate after an accident. (U.S. only).

Go to:

>>>> Eric's Free Site:
This directory is updated daily with free sample offers. Freebie
categories include auto, cosmetics, food, garden, health, household,
hygiene, kids, pets, stickers, women, and more. You can also sign up
for a free email newsletter that includes new offers.

Go to:

>>>> GasBuddy:
Which gas station offers the cheapest fuel prices in your area? A
free service, GasBuddy lets you see at a glance what the lowest (and
highest) gas prices are at various stations in major cities in the
U.S. and Canada.

Go to:


Note: these product sample offers were valid at press time.
Sample offers come and go quickly on the Web. We apologize if
you find a sample offer that's no longer valid.

If a sample site is difficult to access, it's likely because
it's swamped by our subscribers. If this is the case, wait
a few hours and try again.

1. Emergen-C sample:
Access the "free samples" link and follow the instructions to request
a sample of Emergen-C, a flavored energy drink mix product. Limit:
one sample per household. (U.S. and Canada only).

Go to:

2. Free New Testament:
Access the "request your Bible" link and fill out the form to request
a free copy of the Bible's New Testament (New International Version).
Limit: one Bible per person. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. (U.S.

Go to:

3. Miracle Whip sample
Access the "free sample" link and complete the form to request two
free sample-sized packets of Miracle Whip. You must be 18 or older to
request this offer. Limit: one offer per household. Allow 4-6 weeks
for delivery. (U.S. only).

Go to:

4. Breathe Right Snoring Solutions:
Access the "Try Breathe Right free" link and follow the instructions
to request a free sample of Breathe Right Snoring Solutions nasal
strips. Note: to request this item, you must be at least 18 years
old. (U.S. and Canada only).

Go to:


>>>> PageRank Checker:
This is a useful online Webmaster's tool that lets you quickly find
the PageRank for any domain or Web page. Unlike other services of
this type, PageRank Checker doesn't require you to take the tedious
extra step of typing in a CAPTCHA challenge-response test (which is
handy if you're checking the PR of many sites at once).

Go to:

>>>> UltraGuest:
A handy free ad-supported service, UltraGuest lets you easily set up
a custom guestbook on your site. The service has many helpful
features, including unlimited entries, smilies, stats, spam
protection and more.

Go to:

>>>>  ProDraw Free Graphics:
Nice archive of free professionally-designed graphics, for use on
personal Web pages or on your Windows desktop, etc. Lots of lovely
images to browse. The site also features a 3D animations section, a
cartoon clips section and a Web buttons library.

Go to:

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