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Webmaster Freebies

If you have a Web site of your own, or if you're thinking of starting one up, you'll be pleased to know that there are many free resources out there that offer useful Web site features and site enhancements. Below, we offer a roundup of the Web's best freebies and free services for Webmasters. These include free site stats services, message boards, site promotion services, free site-building software, site revenue generators, page monitoring services, and much more.
Here, you'll also find a number of free services for making the most of your site and ensuring that it'll draw an audience. For example, there are several excellent free services that'll quickly and easily submit your site to the Web's major search engines. And other free services listed below will check your HTML coding and Meta tags and make sure they're up to scratch. In fact, whatever your needs as a Web author, you'll likely find a free service for it on the Web.


With this helpful free service, you can easily add a local search engine to your Web site, thus making it far more appealing and useful to your visitors. You can add search capabilities to your site, without CGIs or server modifications. Visitors to your site will see a search entry form that looks like part of your site, because it can be customized with your own background and logo.