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Free E-mail Newsletters

Among the Web's most valuable (and often overlooked) freebies are the many quality Email newsletters out there. These free publications, which are usually published weekly, cover a huge array of topics, including everything from how to use the Web to promoting your Web site to tips on improving your love life. Here, we take a look at a selection of the most notable free newsletters available on the Net. We also look at various free Web resources that can help you publish your own Email newsletter.

TheFreeSite.com's Newsletter

This free weekly newsletter serves up reviews and listings of the latest and hottest freebies on the Web. Every issue is jam-packed with great free products, services and samples. There's plenty of free goodies here for both Net surfers and Web authors. Over 192,000 subscribers.

Baby Blues newsletter

Follow the instructions to sign up for this free daily newsletter which features the popular "Baby Blues" comic strip by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott. The comic strip chronicles the adventures of the MacPherson family and their three kids.

Office Watch

This must-read free, biweekly newsletter for Windows users offers loads of news, bug reports, virus warning, reviews, tips & tricks and much more. We enjoy this newsletter's no-holds-barred approach to covering all sorts of important issues for Windows users.

This is True

This free weekly newsletter proves that truth can be stranger than fiction. Each issues provides a commentary on the news, and reports on bizarre-but-true news items from legitimate printed news sources from around the world. This is True also features commentary by syndicated columnist Randy Cassingham.

Windows Secrets

Author and editor and all-around computer guru Fred Langa offers a hugely-popular, well-written free newsletter that does an impressive job of covering various Internet and computer issues. A must read.