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Free Text Editing Programs

Odds are, your computer's operating system has a built-in word processor. The only problem is that programs like Windows Notepad are very primitive and lacking in features.
Below, TheFreeSite.com reviews the Web's best free text editors (all of which are vastly more feature-laden and useful than Windows' Notepad). Any of these programs makes for an excellent replacement for Notepad and can help save you time and make you more productive.
Also, if you're using a large, commercial editor like Microsoft Word, you'll find that the freeware programs below often have many of the same useful features that the big commercial programs do. While they may not have all the bells & whistles (which you likely rarely use anyway), these programs load much quicker and are much easier on your system's resources.

TED Notepad

A useful freeware text editor that offers nearly 200 text-processing functions, as well as many handy enhancements and tools. TED Notepad is lightweight, portable and fits on any USB flash disk. It loads instantly, with no installation required. (For Windows).

Text Block Writer

A handy freeware program that can help you organize your writing projects. This program lets you type in your notes and arrange them with a "virtual index card simulator," that you can export as an RTF file, which can be opened in most popular word processing programs. (For Windows).

WordTabs 3.21

Freeware guru Skip Bremer's WordTabs is one of the finest general-purpose free word processing programs on the Web today. Described as Windows' Notepad and Wordpad on steroids, WordTabs is packed with every imaginable feature that you could possibly want. Configure it to replace Windows' default text editors and you'll wonder how you lived without this freeware gem. (For Windows).


An excellent free Web-based service that offers Microsoft Office-like functions, including a Microsoft Word-compatible word processor, a spreadsheet tool and Zoho Show, a program that offers PowerPoint-like features.

NoteTab Light

A feature-packed freeware text editor from Switzerland, this program features a tabbed interface that lets you open and edit a virtually unlimited number of documents of any size. There's also an Editor Clipbook with templates for HTML tags, smilies, acronyms, etc., as well as management of favorite files and folders and drag & drop support. (For Windows).

Google Docs

A nifty free online word processor and spreadsheet program that lets you edit and publish documents and spreadsheets online. Here you can upload Microsoft Word documents, HTML or text (or create documents from scratch). You can also invite others to collaborate on editing your documents and your changes will be automatically synchronized with theirs every few seconds.

EditPad Lite

Here's a text editing program from Belgium that makes a fine replacement for Windows' Notepad. Although there are similar programs that are more feature-laden, EditPad is a solid, crash-free program that loads quickly. It offers filters, text conversions, access to last 16 files opened, MAPI support (for E-mailing text) and more. Offered in many languages, including Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, etc. Postcardware. (For Windows and Linux.)


This helpful free clipboard utility can save you loads of work if you do a lot of repetitive typing. YC3 remembers the last 100 text entries to the clipboard. It also can save your clips between sessions. You may also make boilerplate/template files with your favorite clips and much more. (For Windows).


This utility could well help improve your writing skills. WordWeb is a free feature-packed thesaurus/dictionary that can be used from your word processor or as a stand-alone program. View screen shot (For Windows).