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Free WAV Sound Files

One of our favorite types of sound files on the Web is the humble WAV file. It's really quite amazing what a variety of WAV files there are available out there. Odds are, you can name your favorite moment from a TV show or film and somewhere on the Web, it's available as a WAV file that you can download and enjoy again and again.
WAV files are easy to download and manage, too, because they're so compact (usually only a few kilobytes in size).


Are you looking for free WAV files? This popular site serves up over 6,800 sound files and includes a search engine. WAV categories here include cinema, TV, sound effects, computer system events, politics, humor and more.


A family friendly site that offers a good roundup of free WAV sound files. Categories here include answering machine WAVs, cartoon WAVs, E-mail WAVs, funny WAVs, movie WAVs, parody WAVs, vehicle WAVs, and more.


This popular site offers thousands of sound clips from cinema and TV in WAV and MP3 format. The site includes a search engine to help you locate the sound clips you're looking for.


This unique site specializes in free E-mail themed sounds. Here, you'll find almost 600 E-mail notification WAV sounds (in both English and Dutch).

Free WAV loops

Click the "free loops" link to access a quality collection of original, royalty-free WAV loops for your music productions. This site gives away 20 free loops monthly. Formats include Acidized WAV loops, AIFF format Apple loops, and ReCycle .RX2 loops.

Movie Sounds Central

This fun site offers hundreds of high quality movie WAV sound files, including many memorable snippets of dialogue from the silver screen. The site is easy to navigate and is refreshingly free of popups and ad clutter.

Ultimate Free Sound Pack

At this site, you can download a free package of various sound effects in WAV format, including the sounds of animals, guns, traffic, nature, laughing, crying, etc. The sounds are suitable for Flash animations, music, videos, multimedia, presentations, and more.


At this site, you'll find a nice collection of free WAV sound files, as well as other goodies. The sound files here are suitable for many applications, including cartoon animations, Flash files, hover buttons, phone ringtones, record mixing, talking E-mails, Web site background music, and more.


This sound archive site, which has been around since 1999, serves up thousands of free sound files. Here, you'll find WAV and MIDI files from cinema and TV, as well as sound effects and files uploaded by users.


Relive your favorite moments from the cinema at this site, which offers a fun collection of free WAV sound files from hundreds of movies. Sound files here include clips from classic films, as well as the latest Hollywood blockbusters.


At this site, you'll find thousands of free sounds in WAV and SF2 (SoundFont) format that you can use in your own music and beat-making productions. Content includes hip hop samples, as well as drum sounds, guitar sounds, orchestra sounds, loops and more.

Clay's Sound Emporium

There's lot of WAV files here from various TV shows and movies. Categories include: "The Simpsons," "The Atomic Cafe," oddities, "Pulp Fiction," "The Wizard of Oz," funny stuff, and more. And if you're fed up with the lame sound that your E-mail program emits to tell you that you've got new mail, you'll appreciate the "Mail Call" section here that features lots of cool sounds specifically for that purpose. There's also a section on "How to Make Your Own WAVs."


Looking for free ACID music loops? This site offers a nice roundup of free WAV samples and loops, suitable for use with ACID (Sonic Foundry's music creation tool). FreeAcidLoops.net also offers other free resources for electronic and techno musicians.

Har's WAV World

This site offers a nice roundup of free WAV files that are specifically selected to be appropriate for Windows event sounds. That is, when you start up your computer, shut it down, empty your recycle bin, encounter an error, or get new E-mail, you can customize the sounds you hear with these nifty WAVs. They certainly sound better than Windows' lame default sounds!

The Daily WAV

An impressive site that has been serving up quality WAV files every day since December, 1997. Plenty of sound files from cinema, TV and even commercials for your downloading pleasure. Past selections are archived alphabetically. A quality, well-done site that's among the most popular of its kind.


Looking for a specific sound effect or sound sample? FindSounds.com offers a search engine that lets you easily locate sounds on the Web. The search engine here lets you find files in several formats, including .WAV, .AIFF and .AU. From creaking doors to crackling thunder to explosions, you'll find it here. (Note: this site is family friendly, as all audio files containing obscenities are filtered).