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Free Books and Magazines

Looking for free books or magazines? In this section, TheFreeSite.com offers a roundup of book freebies, magazine offers, free subscriptions, audiobooks, public domain titles, online libraries, and more. Here, we list free ebooks and books that can be read online, as well as books that can be mailed to you, for free, with no postage or shipping fees required.

Free Quran

(Note: this offer is limited to people of faiths other than Muslims and who reside in the United States only). Access the "Free Quran Request" link and fill out the form to request a free Quran from IslamiCity. There are English and Spanish versions available. See site for more details.

Freebooksy Free Ebooks

There are loads of free ebooks on the Web. Finding the ones that are worthwhile can be a challenge. This site offers a good collection of quality free ebooks in numerous genres, including romance, mystery, thrillers, science fiction, religion, children's titles, horror, non-fiction, self-help, cookbooks, and more. New content is added here daily.

Free Study Bible Recovery Version

Click the "Order For Free" button and fill out the form to request a free copy of "The New Testament Recovery Version," a study Bible that offers an "eye-opening insight into God's Word." (U.S. only).

Free 2023 Seed Catalog

Follow the instructions and fill out the form to get on a list to receive a 2023 catalog from Johnny's Selected Seeds, an employee-owned seed producer and merchant, which is "committed to helping growers and gardeners succeed with superior seeds, tools, information, and service."

Free Audiobooks

At this site, you'll find thousands of free public domain audiobooks and ebook downloads. Loyal Books offers many genre categories, including kids books, fantasy, history, literature, nonfiction, romance, religion, teen and young adult, and more.


At this site, you'll find a collection of over 50,000 free modern and classic ebooks, available in most ereader formats. Dozens of genres are available, from romance to mystery to sci-fi to biographies to action and adventure.

Free Seed Catalog

Complete the form to request a free 2023 Seed Savers Exchange seed catalog. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. The catalog includes 24 new varieties, recipes, a grower's guide, helpful hints, and more. (U.S. addresses only).

Free Annie's Annuals and Perennials catalog

Follow the instructions to request a free "Annie's Annuals and Perennials" mail order catalog, which is "filled with exclusive plants" and photos of demonstration gardens in bloom. (U.S. only).

Free JIFFY Recipe book

Fill out the form to request a free JIFFY recipe book. Note: one request per visitor. From the makers of JIFFY mixes. You can also view this recipe book online. (Continental U.S. only).


Looking for books? This popular site (which is free to join) bills itself as the "world's library" and lets you swap your books with an online community of over 1.9 million book lovers who enjoy sharing their favorite titles.

Free Christian pocket book

Fill out the form to request a free copy of "The Beast, Who Will Worship It?" by Gary Gibbs, a 32-page pocket book that "reveals how Satan is now preparing people all over the world to fall for his most powerful last-day delusion--and to accept the mark of the beast." (North America only).

Explore St. Louis Visitors Guide

Complete the form to request a free printed copy of the "Explore St. Louis Visitors Guide," which offers a "complete list of great places to eat, shop, play and stay in St. Louis." Allow two weeks for delivery.


Looking for free books? At this book-exchange site, you can give away books you no longer need in exchange for books you want. Every time you give someone a book here, you earn a point, and you can get any book you want from anyone else at BookMooch. Once you've read a book, you can keep it, or put it back into BookMooch for someone else to read. There's no cost for using this site (your only cost is mailing your books to others).

International Children's Digital Library

Looking for books for children? This site offers a nice collection of online digital children's books that can be accessed for free. Here, you'll find over 4,600 books in 59 languages.

The Online Books Page

Looking for something to read? This site offers a big index of over three million free books on the Web. Content here is sorted by new listings, authors, titles, subjects and serials (such as magazines, journals, newspapers and other periodicals).

Standard Ebooks

Looking for free ebooks? Standard Ebooks, a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit project stands out for the high quality of its free ebooks. The ebooks here are carefully formatted and typeset to high quality standards that make them look good in your eReader or browser. Even the covers look great. The site offers multiple formats, including epub, azw3 (for Kindle devices), kepub (for Kobo devices) and the advanced format known as epub3.

Free Hanukkah booklet

Follow the instructions and fill out the form to request a free booklet, which offers "the history and story of Hanukkah," as well as recipes for Hanukkah and other information. (U.S. only).

Free John Grisham book

Here, you can get a free electronic copy of the book, "The Tumor" by John Grisham. "The Tumor" is a non-legal thriller "about a revolutionary new medical technology--focused ultrasound."

Free Braille Books Program

At this site, you'll find information about the "Free Braille Books Program," which provides blind children with a free Braille book every month. The site is run by the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults. (U.S. only).

Free magazine subscriptions

This site offers a directory of over 300 trade magazine subscription offers that are "free to professionals who qualify." Note: many of the offers have international availability, but most are U.S. only.